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Book Review: A Stairway To Danger by Ben Woodard

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Author Ben Woodard writes novels for the middle-grade through young adult audience that are packed with action and adventure. I recently read one of his Shakertown Adventure novels, A Stairway to Danger, and I want to share this novel with you along with my 5 star review. A note to parents: This novel is geared toward an older audience (ages 15 & up) due to language and violence.

A Stairway To Danger
Ben Woodard

Book Description:

It’s 1923 and Tom and Will, two small town boys, discover the body of a local deputy. Was the death an accident? The boys don’t think so and become immersed in a harrowing mystery. A huge assailant with a single gold tooth attempts to kill them. With their friends, they battle the toothless giant and a shadowy group.
Will Tom’s “crazy” book ideas save them or get them killed? And where does the stairway to danger lead?

My 5 Star Review:

A Stairway to Danger is an intriguing novel filled with action and adventure from beginning to end. Tom and Will, two cousins living in a small town in the 1920s, become involved in a mystery when they find the body of the local deputy. Soon, they are investigating a mysterious barge on the river and becoming entangled in a dangerous adventure.

I found this novel to be reminiscent of the Hardy Boy series, except it is geared toward an older audience. The characters are well-thought out and realistic and the author gives the reader a good sense of the time period. Ben Woodard is an excellent writer who knows how to plot and plan a great adventure story.    

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About the Author:

A spellbinding storyteller of high adventure, Ben has walked the Great Wall of China, hiked in Tibet, and climbed to 18,000 feet on Mt. Everest. And recently learned to surf in Hawaii. Ben is active in SCBWI and a member of a local children's writing critique group. He is a former Marketing Manager for a major corporation and ran his own marketing consulting business. He started writing children's stories in 2008 and has written picture books, middle grade and young adult. Stories of adventure and wonder. Stories that inspire and educate, and, most of all, entertain. Ben lives in Kentucky with his wife Lynda.

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Twitter: @Benswoodard


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