Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Release Day! The Secrets We Carry


Release day for


is finally here!! 

I'm so excited to share this dual-timeline historical novel with readers. I know you will fall in love with Sofiya, Alina, and Addie as much as I did. This novel took me the longest to write of all of my books (well, except for Miss Etta which was 20 years in the making, LOL). I honestly felt I'd never finish this one. But now, it's absolutely one of my favorites.

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Book Description:

1917 - Sofiya and her friend Alina are forced to flee Russia as Tsar Nicholas II abdicates, and the Bolsheviks take control of St. Petersburg. Their parents send them to America, where Alina's distant cousin lives, but soon the girls learn they have traded one danger for another. They are forced to earn a living in the most terrible way, and once again, both girls flee for their lives in separate directions. Years later, trapped in a bitter marriage, Sofiya once again finds herself running away to protect her son and the secret she's been hiding since leaving Russia. She wonders if she will ever feel safe again.


2022 - Addison Cameron loves antiques and old homes and has made a career, alongside her boyfriend Zach, of flipping old houses and making them new again. Having lived a life of terror as a young teen, bringing new life to old homes has been her therapy. When Zach finds a cigar box of old letters in an antique shop and buys them for Addie, she is intrigued. Who was the young girl Sofiya, and what was her life like? Soon Addie becomes immersed in Sofiya's past and is drawn to the very house in Portland that Sofiya had fled all those years ago. As she brings the house back to life, Addie relives her own nightmarish past and that of Sofiya's. Can she heal her old wounds by restoring the house where Sofiya had once lived?

Thank you all for your patience. I know it seemed as if I wouldn't release another book - but it's finally here!