The Women of Great Heron Lake: A Novel

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The Women of Great Heron Lake
Deanna Lynn Sletten

Book Description:

Two strong women, generations apart, living parallel lives.
Cover by Tugboat Design

When Marla Madison’s husband of twenty-two years dies, she finds her life has become very small. Her daughter is grown and she’s spent the past two decades around his friends, his interests, and his home. Feeling lost, she throws herself into fixing up the one-hundred and fifty-year-old family manor on the lake. While remodeling, she discovers an old journal in a secret drawer and is instantly intrigued. The handwritten book describes the life of another Mrs. Madison from over a century ago, the first woman to live in Marla’s home. As she reads the journal with the book club women she’s recently befriended, Marla finds that her life parallels that of the woman who wrote those words decades ago and Marla finds inspiration from her strength.

1875 - Alaina Carlton was content to become a spinster until her beloved father introduces her to Nathaniel Madison, one of the most prosperous men in their town of St. Paul, Minnesota. Even though she loves her independence and enjoys working on her father’s finances for his factory, she is intrigued by this man who pursues her. When they marry, she believes she’s found a man who will treat her as an equal, but soon realizes that isn’t entirely true. From their mansion on the illustrious Summit Avenue to their manor at Great Heron Lake, where the rich and powerful play, her life is no longer her own. But fifteen years and two children later when Nathaniel grows ill, she takes her rightful place where women weren’t allowed in order to secure her children’s inheritance and her future.

An inspiring family saga of two determined woman who found meaning in their lives by following their passions and not allowing society, or propriety, to hold them back. 

The Women of Great Heron Lake is a Silver Finalist in the Readers' Favorite Book Award Contest 2020!

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