The Truth About Rachel

The Truth About Rachel   

A Rachel Emery Novel

Book One

Book Description:

Everyone believes Rachel is dead. But she’s very much alive.

Rachel Scott Emery’s life unravels when she comes upon an old news article online that states she was killed thirty-five years ago at the age of eight. Even more shocking is her murderer was her then sixteen-year-old brother.

Realizing she must untangle the mess, Rachel leaves her Tallahassee, Florida home and goes back to Casita, California to prove she is still alive. But going home again isn’t easy. Believing that her parents had relinquished custody of her years ago to her beloved aunt and uncle, she slowly learns what really happened. And unearthing the truth, when so many in town want to leave it buried, becomes a daunting and dangerous task. 

What really happened the day little Rachel left town? And who is the little girl buried in the grave?

This book is full of twists and turns - just when you think you know who is in the grave - you'll be surprised!

Publication Date: May 11, 2021

Murder/Mystery/Women Sleuths

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A big thank you to Deborah at Tugboat Design for my beautiful cover.