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Book Review: The Captain's Woman by Holly Bush

Book Review


The Captain’s Woman

(The Thompsons of Locust Street, Book 4)

 Holly Bush


Book Description:

Meet the Thompsons of Locust Street, an unconventional family taking Philadelphia high society by storm…

1870 ~ Muireall Thompson has taken her duties seriously since her parents died on the family’s crossing from Scotland to America in 1854. As the eldest sibling, their death made her responsible for her family and left little time for a life of her own. But now her brothers and sisters are adults; even the youngest is nearly ready to face the world on his own. What will she do when she is alone, other than care for an elderly aunt and volunteer at the Sisters of Charity orphanage? Has the chance for a husband and children of her own passed her by?

Widower Anthony Marcus, formerly a captain in the Union Army, is a man scraping the bottom of his dignity and hanging on to his honor by the barest thread. Reduced to doing odd jobs to keep a roof over his dear daughter Ann’s head, he often leaves her with the Sisters of Charity while he is out seeking steady work with a decent salary that will allow him to move from their single-room living quarters.

After an initial meeting that finds Muireall and Anthony at odds, a tentative friendship forms as they bond over their mutual affection for Ann. As friendship leads to passion, can a wealthy spinster and a poor soldier overcome their differences in station to forge a future together? Just as Muireall finds the courage to reach for her own happiness, Anthony’s past rises up between them and an old enemy reemerges to bring the Thompson family down once and for all. Will the divide between them be insurmountable, or can they put aside pride and doubt for a love worth fighting for?


Release Date: January 10, 2023

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My 5-Star Review:

Muireall Thompson has always put her family first and never thought of herself throughout the years. Each of her siblings have found love and marriage, but she felt it would never happen to her. Instead, she put her energy into the family’s business and her volunteer work at the orphanage. But when she collides with Anthony Marcus, a former captain in the Union Army, she thinks that maybe she might find her chance at love.

The Captain’s Woman by Holly Bush is the fourth book in The Thompsons of Locust Street Series. I’ve enjoyed each of the first three books, but I have to admit, this fourth book has been my favorite. Muireall is a strong female character who stands up for herself, but she finds a connection with Anthony because he, too, has a strong personality. This is no simpering love story – these two lovers have to survive many difficulties on their way to happiness. A wonderful story written by a talented author that I am sure you will enjoy.


About the Author:

“I love you. With every bit of myself, until we are old and infirm. Until the only thing left is love.”

The Thompsons of Locust Street, Philadelphia, features five siblings from Scotland with some family secrets that could place them in danger. The first book is The Bachelor's Bride, Elspeth's story. The Bareknuckle Groom, James Thompson, is the second book, and The Professor's Lady, Kirsty Thompson, is the third. Muireall Thompson's book, The Captain's Woman, releases in January 2023.

The Gentrys of Paradise begins with the novella Into the Evermore where readers meet Virginia horse breeders, Eleanor and Beauregard Gentry. The following books feature their children, Adam, Matthew, and Olivia. For the Brave is Matthew’s story and is the first full length book of the series. Olivia's book is For This Moment and Adam's story, For Her Honor, is the final book in the series.

The Crawford Family Series following the fortunes of the three Boston born Crawford sisters and includes Train Station Bride, Contract to Wed, Her Safe Harbor, and companion novella, The Maid’s Quarters. Cross the Ocean is a British set Victorian romance. Fan favorites stand-alones include Romancing Olive and Reconstructing Jackson. Holly's books are described as ‘emotional, with heartfelt, sexy romance.’

Holly Bush books are set during the turbulent and transformative years of the late 1800’s. She makes her home with her husband, one happy Labrador Retriever, a clever Jack Russell rescued from the pound, and two difficult cats in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Connect with Holly at, on Twitter @hollybushbooks, on Facebook at Holly Bush, on BookBub at Holly Bush, and on Instagram at Holly Bush Books. Follow Holly on her Amazon author page to receive new release updates and sale information.

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Book Review: The Jeweler of Stolen Dreams by M.J. Rose

 Book Review

The Jeweler of Stolen Dreams

M.J. Rose


Book Description:

A captivating tale of two passionate women separated by decades but united by a shared vision. One, the famous jeweler Suzanne Belperron, fighting to protect her company and rescue the man she loves. The other, a young auctioneer whose exceptional gifts reveal a secret that endangers her very life.

“Only one thing saves you, and that is not losing sight of beauty.”

Paris, 1942. Suzanne Belperron is known as one of the most innovative jewelers of her time. Elsa Schiaparelli and the Duchess of Windsor are just two of her many illustrious clients. What no one knows is that Suzanne and her dear friend, American socialite Dixie Osgood, have been helping transport hundreds of Jewish families out of France since the war began. But now, the war has come to Suzanne’s front door—the Nazis have arrested her business partner and longtime lover, Bernard Herz.

New York, 1986. Violine Duplessi, an appraiser for a boutique auction house, is summoned to visit the home of Paul Osgood, a scholarly lawyer and political candidate who aspires to take over the Senate seat of his recently deceased father. Paul has inherited everything inside Osgood Manor, from the eighteenth-century furniture to the nineteenth-century Limoges china. But a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk is what calls to Violine, with the surprising but undeniable thrum of energy that can only be one thing: the gift passed down to her by La Lune, the sixteenth-century courtesan.

Since childhood, Violine has been able to read an object’s history and learn the secrets of its owners by merely touching it, but she silenced her psychometry when it destroyed her last relationship. Why has it returned now?

While inspecting the trunk, she senses it holds a hidden treasure and finds a hoard of precious jewels that provoke nightmarish visions and raise a multitude of questions. Who owned these pieces? Why were they hidden inside the trunk? Were they stolen? Could their discovery derail Paul’s campaign and their burgeoning attraction to each other?

So begins a search that takes Violine to Paris to work with the Midas Society, a covert international organization whose mission is to return lost and stolen antiques, jewels, and artwork to their original owners. There, Violine will discover both her and Paul’s surprising connections to the trunk—and to Suzanne Belperron, who silently and heroically hid an amazing truth in plain sight.

Told through Violine’s first-person account and Suzanne’s diary entries, The Jeweler of Stolen Dreams is a riveting story of magick, mystery, romance, and revenge. Inspired by the real-life legend Suzanne Belperron, it marks yet another masterpiece by New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author M.J. Rose.

Release Date: February 7, 2023



Amazon Kindle


My 5-Star Review:

I fell in love with M.J. Rose’s books when I first read The Last Tiara, and I was so happy to have a chance to read an early copy of The Jeweler of Stolen Dreams.

A dual-timeline novel set in 1942 and 1986, The Jeweler of Stolen Dreams is a beautifully written story of two women with special gifts who are both connected through time by their love of beautiful things. A mixture of magic, romance, and mystery, this story has it all. The historical story is very well researched and draws your interest immediately as does the contemporary side of the story. And if you love jewelry – well, there’s no question you’ll enjoy the descriptions of lovely jewels in this book.

I highly recommend this novel to those who love a historical story steeped in magic and fantastic writing.



About the Author:

New York Times, USA Today, and Wall St. Journal bestseller, M.J. Rose grew up in New York City mostly in the labyrinthine galleries of the Metropolitan Museum, the dark tunnels and lush gardens of Central Park and reading her mother's favorite books before she was allowed. She believes mystery and magic are all around us but we are too often too busy to notice... books that exaggerate mystery and magic draw attention to it and remind us to look for it and revel in it.

Rose's work has appeared in many magazines including Oprah Magazine and The Adventurine and she has been featured in the New York Times, Newsweek, WSJ, Time, USA Today and on the Today Show, and NPR radio.

Rose graduated from Syracuse University, has a commercial in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC and since 2005 has run the first marketing company for authors - Rose is also the co-founder of and

The television series PAST LIFE, was based on Rose's novels in the Reincarnationist series.

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Book Review: The Lindbergh Nanny by Mariah Fredericks

 Book Review

The Lindbergh Nanny

Mariah Fredericks


Book Description:

Mariah Fredericks's The Lindbergh Nanny is powerful, propulsive novel about America’s most notorious kidnapping through the eyes of the woman who found herself at the heart of this deadly crime.

"A masterful blending of fact and fiction that is as compelling as it is entertaining."—Nelson DeMille

When the most famous toddler in America, Charles Lindbergh, Jr., is kidnapped from his family home in New Jersey in 1932, the case makes international headlines. Already celebrated for his flight across the Atlantic, his father, Charles, Sr., is the country’s golden boy, with his wealthy, lovely wife, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, by his side. But there’s someone else in their household—Betty Gow, a formerly obscure young woman, now known around the world by another name: the Lindbergh Nanny.

A Scottish immigrant deciphering the rules of her new homeland and its East Coast elite, Betty finds Colonel Lindbergh eccentric and often odd, Mrs. Lindbergh kind yet nervous, and Charlie simply a darling. Far from home and bruised from a love affair gone horribly wrong, Betty finds comfort in caring for the child, and warms to the attentions of handsome sailor Henrik, sometimes known as Red. Then, Charlie disappears.

Suddenly a suspect in the eyes of both the media and the public, Betty must find the truth about what really happened that night, in order to clear her own name—and to find justice for the child she loves.


Buy Now:

Amazon Kindle, Audiobook, or Hardcover


My 5-Star Review:

When Scottish immigrant Betty Gow is hired as a nanny for little Charlie – the child of the famous Charles Lindbergh – she feels fortunate to land such a prized position. She grows quite fond of little Charlie, although she doesn’t always see eye to eye with Mr. Lindbergh’s style of parenting. Betty also feels a bit of a kinship with Mrs. Lindbergh, who she feels gives in to her husband even when she doesn’t agree. Working in a household for a family alongside other servants isn’t always easy. You hear things, people gossip, and all Betty can do is try to stay neutral. Then, tragedy strikes and suddenly not only is Betty suspected of wrongdoing, but she begins to suspect everyone around her as well.

THE LINDBERGH NANNY by Mariah Fredericks is a masterfully written novel that will keep you up late into the night. The historical detail is spot on and her representation of the characters is perfect. Written through the eyes of the nanny, Betty Gow, you see and feel everything she does. How horrible it must have been to be suspected of such a terrible crime when in reality she adored little Charlie – possibly more than his own parents. You really do feel transported back to that moment in time and see it all as it plays out.

I highly recommend this novel – if you love biographical fiction, you will enjoy this novel.


About the Author:

Mariah Fredericks was born and raised in New York City. She graduated from Vassar College with a degree in history. She enjoys reading and writing about dead people and how they got that way. She is the author of the Jane Prescott mystery series.

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Book Review: Without a Trace by Danielle Steel


Without a Trace

Danielle Steel


Book Description:

Charles Vincent seems to have it all—a beautiful wife, two successful children, and a well-paying career. Yet happiness remains out of reach. He is trapped in a loveless marriage and his job is simply a paycheck. But his life changes forever one night as he drives along the Normandy coast, heading to their lavish ch√Ęteau for the weekend. In one terrifying moment, Charles falls asleep at the wheel and veers off the road, plunging thirty feet down the face of a rocky cliff.

Miraculously, Charles survives. After gathering the courage to climb to safety, he starts to walk—bruised, bloody, and desperate for help. In the dark of night, he happens upon a cabin where he meets the kind and beautiful Aude Saint-Martin. They have an instant connection, and as she nurses him back to health, Charles begins to discover the passion he’s been missing for so many years.

In the aftermath of the crash, Charles has a startling realization: He doesn’t have to go back. He could simply choose to disappear, to walk away from his old life. When his car is discovered, he’ll be presumed dead, washed away at sea. If he stays with Aude, he has a chance at a fuller, happier life that he didn’t know was possible. It all seems too good to resist. But Aude has secrets of her own, and before long their pasts catch up to them, threatening everything they have fought to build.

What would happen if you were given a chance to walk away from everything in your life and start over with a blank slate, and you had a split second to decide? In 
Without a Trace, Danielle Steel tells an irresistible story of the risks two people are willing to take in exchange for a chance at the life they’ve always wanted.


Release Date: January 3, 2023

Preorder Now:

Amazon Kindle


My 5-Star Review:

What would you do if your life was unhappy and you had a chance to disappear and start your life all over again? Charles Vincent learns the answer to that question when his car slides over an ocean cliff into the water. He survives, and finds his way to a country house where a lovely woman takes him in and helps him heal. Charles hates his job, is unhappy in his cold marriage, and wants nothing more than to move on in his life. Could this be his chance to just disappear?

WITHOUT A TRACE by Danielle Steel is a page-turning story of a man struggling to let go of his past life so he can finally be happy again and move forward. As Charles and the new woman he’s fallen madly in love with face devastating complications, the only truth is their love and devotion to each other. And after all, isn’t that what everyone wants?

I highly recommend this exciting tale by the queen of women’s fiction. This is one Danielle Steel story you won’t want to miss.


About the Author:

Danielle Steel has been hailed as one of the world's bestselling authors, with almost a billion copies of her novels sold. Her many international bestsellers include High Stakes, Invisible, Flying Angels, The Butler, Complications and other highly acclaimed novels. She is also the author of His Bright Light, the story of her son Nick Traina's life and death; A Gift of Hope, a memoir of her work with the homeless; Expect a Miracle, a book of her favorite quotations for inspiration and comfort; Pure Joy, about the dogs she and her family have loved; and the children's books Pretty Minnie in Paris and Pretty Minnie in Hollywood.

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Book Review: On The Inside by Kim Cano

 Book Review

On The Inside

Kim Cano


Book Description:

She didn't know what she stood to lose - until hope was all she had left.

Kristen was living the dream - a loving husband, adorable children, a successful career. Why hadn't it been enough? She's had a lot of time to ponder the answer - behind bars.

It was a little fudging of the numbers, just once to cover some unpaid bills. Somehow, she wound up a convicted white-collar criminal, sentenced to a women's prison full of drug dealers and murderers, enduring days of mind-numbing tedium punctuated by moments of harrowing violence. A place where respect is earned with one's fists.

Yet within these walls, random acts of kindness occur, friendships form, and people fall in love. Letters from her sister-in-law keep Kristen connected to the family she's lost. They give her hope that someday she might be given a second chance. But first, she must face the personal demons lurking in the shadows of her soul - and find a way to forgive herself.


Buy now on:

Amazon Kindle




My 5-Star Review:

Kristen goes to prison for stealing from her employer and soon learns that life on the inside is a complicated combination of boredom, loneliness, stress, and fear. She’s lost everything—her husband won’t speak to her and her children are being kept away from her, too. Without the kindness of her sister-in-law who writes to her regularly, she would be completely lost.

As the years go by, Kristen makes friends and enemies. She finds her own path in the prison system with the goal to get out someday and hopefully be a part of her family’s life again.

On The Inside by Kim Cano is a thought-provoking story filled with interesting characters and the lives they lead inside prison. Peppered with strong emotions and heartfelt connections, you will find yourself intrigued by the women who live behind bars and their many stories. I highly recommend this novel to those who enjoy a realistic telling of what it takes to live on the inside.


About the Author:

Kim Cano is the author of five women's fiction novels: A Widow Redefined, On the Inside, Eighty and Out, His Secret Life, and When the Time Is Right. Readers say her books are about strong women who struggle but survive, hard-won second chances, family life, and friendship.

Kim has also written a short story collection called For Animal Lovers. 10% of the sale price of that book is donated to the ASPCA® to help homeless pets.

Visit Kim's website to receive a free copy of The Rescue:

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The Christmas Charm Holiday Giveaway!


UPDATE: I can finally name the winners - they have all gotten back to me. Rachel B. won $50; Missy H. won $50, and the grand prize winner was Lori S. who won the necklace and $25. Thank you all for entering!

The Giveaway is now over - Thank you to everyone who entered. I've contacted the winners and will announce them soon. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday!

The Christmas Charm Holiday Giveaway!

It's release day for my Christmas novel,
and to celebrate, I'm having a giveaway!

The giveaway starts today and ends on November 23rd. 

First Prize: The ACTUAL Sterling Silver Charm Necklace that appears on the cover of The Christmas Charm (a $70 value), plus a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Second and Third Prizes: One $50 Amazon Gift Card to each winner.

To Enter - Use the Rafflecopter below. 
If you don't wish to enter that way, you can leave a comment on this blog post and I'll add you into the giveaway. Make sure I know your name so I can add you.

Good Luck!

(Only use the first Rafflecopter - not sure why they added a second one but we'll ignore it.)

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Book Review: It's Alive by Julian David Stone

Book Review

It’s Alive 

A Novel

Julian David Stone


 Book Description:


For readers of F.Scott Fitzgerald's The Last Tycoon and Budd Schulberg's What Makes Sammy Run.

The only thing harder than raising the dead, is making a movie about raising the dead.

In the summer of 1931, life was good for Junior Laemmle. Though only twenty-three years old, he was the head of all movie production for Universal Pictures, and under his reign, the studio flourished. So much so, he was about to be bestowed with the greatest honor a young executive can receive in Hollywood: a promotion to vice president of the entire company. What’s more, Carl Laemmle, his father and founder of the studio, was returning to California for the first time in years to personally present the honor to his son.

Or so Junior thought.

When his father arrives, Junior discovers that instead of being grateful for transforming and catapulting the out-of-date studio into the future, his father is obsessed with Junior’s next production: 
Frankenstein. Like the year before, Carl is fervently against making another grisly and gothic film, despite Dracula becoming a huge hit—a project which Junior fought for and personally oversaw through production. Also not helping Junior’s cause, though the film is just days away from beginning production, the final choice between Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff to play the role of the Monster, has yet to be made.

It’s Alive!
 is a thrilling and vibrant portrait of 1930s Hollywood centered around the chaotic and exciting days just before the filming of the beloved cult-classic film, Frankenstein. Woven with hopeful passion, emotional vulnerability, staunch determination, and creative fulfillment, readers will be swept along with breathless cinematic pace through events that will not only change the lives of everyone involved, but Hollywood itself.


Genre: Biographical Fiction


My 5-Star Review:

Imagine - if it hadn’t been for the persistence of young Junior Laemmle—the son of the owner of Universal Pictures but not yet able to make decisions for the company—Frankenstein the movie would never have existed. For those of us who grew up loving these old classic horror movies, that would be hard to believe. But it’s true, and author Julian David Stone shares with us, in his fictional recreation, the days leading up to the making of Frankenstein.


Even with the success of Dracula behind him, Junior still must fight tooth and nail to produce Frankenstein. Success for many hangs in the balance as Junior pushes through his project despite not getting the go-ahead. Boris Karloff waits with bated breath, and only pennies in his pocket, for the okay to play the monster while Bela Lugosi cringes at the thought of being forced to play the monster. The author shows through several real-life characters the angst they felt up until the final decision, which makes the reader turn pages in anticipation. A wonderful story for those who enjoy the old horror flicks and great background on a beloved old film. If you are an old-movie buff or just a lover of Hollywood sagas – you will enjoy this novel.


Buy Now:

Amazon Kindle or Paperback



About the Author:

Julian David Stone has always been a creative at heart. When he realized in the ’80s that being in a band wasn’t in his cards, he began smuggling his camera into concerts – adventures he later chronicled in his best-selling coffee table book No Cameras Allowed: My Career As An Outlaw Rock & Roll Photographer. He moved to Los Angeles in his 20s to study filmmaking and wrote screenplays for Disney, Paramount, Sony and MGM, as well as a full-length play (The Elvis Test) and several short-form documentaries on Frank Sinatra for Warner Bros. He is also the writer and director of the cult comedy feature film Follow the Bitch. His award-winning debut novel, The Strange Birth, Short Life, and Sudden Death of Justice Girl, centers on the world of ’50s live television and is currently being turned into a TV series. His latest work, the historical fiction novel It’s Alive, is a vibrant portrait of 1930s Hollywood centered around the chaotic and exciting days just before the filming of the beloved classic film Frankenstein.

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Book Review: A Limited Run by Karen McQuestion

Book Review

A Limited Run

Karen McQuestion

Book Description:

When billionaire Felix Worthington invites the five cast members of the TV show A Little Slice of Haven to recreate their roles twenty-five years later, they’re initially skeptical. It’s an unusual request, even for a self-professed superfan like Felix.

For several of them, playing a member of the Barlow family in the small town of Haven in the 1940s was an experience best forgotten. Meri Wetzel, who played a loving wife and mother, has spent the last two decades avoiding her TV husband, Jeff. And the actors who played their children each have lingering resentments of their own.

But living in a recreated version of the town in a warehouse in Montana has its appeal, even knowing they’ll be filmed with hidden cameras as they improvise with other actors playing the townspeople. And the clincher? Two million dollars for each of them, provided they stay all ten days and remain in character the entire time. One by one, they set aside their hesitations and agree to the terms.

After all, with two million dollars they’d be set for life, and really, what could go wrong?


Buy now:

Amazon Kindle




 My 5-Star Review

Imagine your favorite television show returning after two decades with all the same characters. How much fun would that be? Except in this scenario, the actors are still playing their same ages as before and they aren’t even sure if it will ever appear on screen. Hey, but for the money they are being paid, who cares, right? What they don’t know is there is trouble lurking in their quiet little television land town which may turn their happy homecoming into a nightmare.

I really enjoyed A Limited Run by Karen McQuestion. It was so unique from the average story and in tune to today's society. A cross between a reality show and renewing an old favorite decades later. It takes a very interesting plot to keep me turning pages and this one was truly hard to put down. I highly recommend this novel!



About the Author:

Karen McQuestion is an Amazon Charts bestselling author who's written more than twenty novels and has sold over two million books worldwide. She's also the co-host, (along with USA Today bestselling author Tess Thompson), of the popular podcast, BEHIND THE BOOK.

Her publishing story has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, and NPR and she has appeared on ABC's World News Now and America This Morning.

 McQuestion’s books share common themes of connection and kindness. She lives in Hartland, Wisconsin.

 From Karen: To be notified of giveaways and book news, please sign up for my email newsletter at 

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Cover Reveal and Preorder - The Christmas Charm by Deanna Lynn Sletten


I'm so excited to share the beautiful cover and information for my upcoming novel,

The Christmas Charm

This lovely cover was made exclusively for me by

Deborah Bradseth Book Cover Designs

It is a one of a kind cover because she took the photo that created the cover!

Book Description:

Small-town charm and a family on the brink of disaster as Christmas brings its much-needed magic to those who need it most.


1959 – June and Patrick Elden spend their very first Christmas together in their tiny downtown apartment in the rural town of Redmond. As newlyweds, they have their entire lives ahead of them, and their dreams of a home and family loom large. Despite not having much money, Patrick surprises June with a beautiful Christmas star necklace as a symbol of all the years to come. And as their life grows and changes, the story of that little necklace becomes a family tradition that their children and grandchildren cherish throughout the years.


2022 – Jessica Paxton hasn’t returned home for Christmas since the passing of her beloved Grandma June. Despite being an accomplished divorce lawyer in Minneapolis, she still cowers at the thought of spending time in her childhood home with her mother without her grandmother as a buffer. Her mother hasn’t forgiven her for a long-ago tragedy, and frankly, Jess hasn’t forgiven herself either. But her younger sister has begged her to come home, so she does. What awaits her is a family full of problems and tension between her and her mother at its worst. Should Jess turn tail and run for home, or will the Christmas traditions of the past prove strong enough to hold this family together?

This beautiful story releases on November 1, 2022

And is now up for preorder on Amazon.

the paperback will be available on the publication date

and the audiobook will be available too.

Preorder now on Amazon Kindle

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Release Day! The Secrets We Carry


Release day for


is finally here!! 

I'm so excited to share this dual-timeline historical novel with readers. I know you will fall in love with Sofiya, Alina, and Addie as much as I did. This novel took me the longest to write of all of my books (well, except for Miss Etta which was 20 years in the making, LOL). I honestly felt I'd never finish this one. But now, it's absolutely one of my favorites.

Buy it now on Amazon:

Amazon Kindle



Or Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited


Book Description:

1917 - Sofiya and her friend Alina are forced to flee Russia as Tsar Nicholas II abdicates, and the Bolsheviks take control of St. Petersburg. Their parents send them to America, where Alina's distant cousin lives, but soon the girls learn they have traded one danger for another. They are forced to earn a living in the most terrible way, and once again, both girls flee for their lives in separate directions. Years later, trapped in a bitter marriage, Sofiya once again finds herself running away to protect her son and the secret she's been hiding since leaving Russia. She wonders if she will ever feel safe again.


2022 - Addison Cameron loves antiques and old homes and has made a career, alongside her boyfriend Zach, of flipping old houses and making them new again. Having lived a life of terror as a young teen, bringing new life to old homes has been her therapy. When Zach finds a cigar box of old letters in an antique shop and buys them for Addie, she is intrigued. Who was the young girl Sofiya, and what was her life like? Soon Addie becomes immersed in Sofiya's past and is drawn to the very house in Portland that Sofiya had fled all those years ago. As she brings the house back to life, Addie relives her own nightmarish past and that of Sofiya's. Can she heal her old wounds by restoring the house where Sofiya had once lived?

Thank you all for your patience. I know it seemed as if I wouldn't release another book - but it's finally here!


Sunday, May 8, 2022

Cover Reveal: THE SECRETS WE CARRY by Deanna Lynn Sletten

Coming July 19, 2022 

I have finally completed the manuscript for my upcoming historical dual-timeline novel and I'm excited to share with you the beautiful cover and the preorder details!


My amazing cover designer, 

Deborah at Tugboat Design

has once again created the perfect cover for my new novel.

Book Description:

1917 - Sofiya and her friend Alina are forced to flee Russia as Tsar Nicholas II abdicates, and the Bolsheviks take control of St. Petersburg. Their parents send them to America, where Alina's distant cousin lives, but soon the girls learn they have traded one danger for another. They are forced to earn a living in the most awful way, and once again, both girls flee for their lives in separate directions. Years later, trapped in a bitter marriage, Sofiya once again finds herself running away to protect her son and the secret she's been hiding since leaving Russia. She wonders if she will ever feel safe again.

2022 - Addison Cameron loves antiques and old homes and has made a career, alongside her boyfriend Zach, of flipping old houses and making them new again. Having lived a life of terror as a young teen, bringing new life to old homes has been her therapy. When Zach finds a cigar box of old letters in an antique shop and buys them for Addie, she is intrigued. Who was the young girl Sofiya, and what was her life like? Soon Addie becomes immersed in Sofiya's past and is drawn to the very house in Portland that Sofiya had fled all those years ago. As she brings the house back to life, Addie relives her own nightmare past and that of Sofiya's. Can she heal her old wounds by restoring the house where Sofiya had once lived?

Release Date: July 19, 2022

Genre: Women's Historical Fiction/Women's Sagas

Preorder Now:

Amazon Kindle

Paperback Available Now: 


Audiobook coming soon.

Add to your To Read List on Goodreads

You can also read the First Two Chapters HERE

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Book Review: The Witch's Knight by Paula and Trevor Brackston

 Book Review

The Witch’s Knight

The White Shadow Trilogy, Book One

Paula and Trevor Brackston


Book Description:

New York Times bestselling author of 'The Witch's Daughter'Paula Brackston, in collaboration with her brother Trevor, presents an epic tale of magic, courage and a love that spans a thousand years.

A girl destined to become Queen Witch.
A knight sworn to protect her throughout time.
A supernatural battle between good and evil.

In Book One of the White Shadow Trilogy, the story moves between 11th century Wales and present day London. Gwen is born to a noble family in the Welsh mountains, unaware of her true magical identity. When her village is attacked by Norman soldiers her life is forever changed and she must accept her new role to save those she loves. It is as she embraces her place among the witches of the White Shadow that she meets the man who will risk everything to protect her.

In dangerous modern times, Tudor's life is threatened when his own destiny unfolds. It is only as the world shifts towards darkness that the true extent of his purpose, and his connection to the past, is revealed.

In a love story that survives the centuries, the two must put duty first. The Shifting would see evil take hold, and all that is good will be lost. The witch and her knight stand on the tipping point of that balance.


Historical Fantasy

Release Date: April 19, 2022

Preorder now on Amazon:


Paperback releasing on April 19th.


My Five-Star Review:

Young Gwen lives in 11th century Wales, the only daughter in a noble family. Her life has always been safe, although she yearns for more than to be a fine lady and marry well. Her village is suddenly attacked by Norman soldiers and she and a small group of people flee to the mountains for their lives. While hiding out, she learns the truth of her magical heritage and is trained to become the leader she is destined to be. It is then that she meets the man who swears to protect her, and she must make a decision that will follow her throughout time.

This novel is an exceptional dual-timeline story. We meet the lovely Gwen who falls in love with a knight—a man who swears to protect her until the end of time. In modern days, we meet Tudor, a man who protects people for a living, constantly placing his own life in danger. Gwen has waited centuries to be with her one true love again while Tudor, having lived many lives, has yet to know his true destiny. Magic, witches, forever love, and protecting the world. What more does a fantasy novel need? Paula and her brother, Trevor, have woven an amazing story that keeps you enthralled to the very last page. And the best part—this is a trilogy!

If you’ve enjoyed Paula’s magical books, or if you just love stories about witches and everlasting love, with a lot of action included, you’re going to enjoy this novel. I have enjoyed everything Paula has written, and this novel is no exception. I highly recommend.


About the Authors:


Paula Brackston
lives in the historic city of Hereford on the Welsh border. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Lancaster University, and has been a Visiting Lecturer for the University of Wales, Newport. Before becoming a writer, Paula tried her hand at various career paths, with mixed success. These included working as a groom on a racing yard, a travel agent, a secretary, an English teacher, a script reader, and a goat herd. Everyone involved (particularly the goats) is very relieved that she has now found a job she is actually able to do properly.

In 2007 Paula was shortlisted in the Creme de la Crime search for new writers. In 2010 her book 'Nutters' (writing as PJ Davy) was shortlisted for the Mind Book Award. The following year she was selected by the BBC under their New Welsh Writers scheme. 'The Witch's Daughter' became a New York Times bestseller. Her books are translated into five languages and sold around the world.


Trevor Brackston grew up in the Black Mountains of Wales above the village of Cwmdu. It was the perfect environment to spark a wild imagination. After retiring from a career as a pilot, Trevor retrained to become a Police Officer and later worked as a Private Investigator. He also fulfilled an ambition to live on a sailboat and it was during this time that he worked together with Paula on ‘The Witch’s Knight’.

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Friday, April 1, 2022

Book Review: Scarlet Carnation by Laila Ibrahim

 Book Review

Scarlet Carnation

Laila Ibrahim


Book Description:

In an early twentieth-century America roiling with racial injustice, class divides, and WWI, two women fight for their dreams in a galvanizing novel by the bestselling author of Golden Poppies.

1915. May and Naomi are extended family, their grandmothers’ lives inseparably entwined on a Virginia plantation in the volatile time leading up to the Civil War. For both women, the twentieth century promises social transformation and equal opportunity.

May, a young white woman, is on the brink of achieving the independent life she’s dreamed of since childhood. Naomi, a nurse, mother, and leader of the NAACP, has fulfilled her own dearest desire: buying a home for her family. But they both are about to learn that dreams can be destroyed in an instant. May’s future is upended, and she is forced to rely once again on her mother. Meanwhile, the white-majority neighborhood into which Naomi has moved is organizing against her while her sons are away fighting for their country.

In the tumult of a changing nation, these two women—whose grandmothers survived the Civil War—support each other’s quest for liberation and dignity. Both find the strength to confront injustice and the faith to thrive on their chosen paths.


Lake Union Publishing

Publish Date: April 1, 2022

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My 5-Star Review:

In 1915, two women of different racial backgrounds are striving to fulfil their dreams of a successful life. May, a young white woman, dreams of independence and finding an honorable man while Naomi, a middle-aged black woman, strives to create a better life for her family. These two women, bonded together by the past relationship of their grandmothers, wish for equality and opportunity. But both are derailed by forces beyond their control and must fight for what is right.


Scarlet Carnation by Laila Ibrahim is a powerful story about oppression, injustice, and working toward a better future. But most of all, it is a story about the power of family, and the bonds a family shares over the generations. I’ve read several of Laila’s novels and they are always powerfully written and well-researched, and this novel is no exception. She’s an amazing storyteller who can keep you reading long into the night. I highly recommend this novel, as well as all of her novels.



About the Author:

Laila Ibrahim is the bestselling author of Golden PoppiesPaper WifeMustard Seed, and Yellow Crocus. She spent much of her career as a preschool director, a birth doula, and a religious educator. That work, coupled with her education in developmental psychology and attachment theory, provided ample fodder for her novels.

She’s a devout Unitarian Universalist, determined to do her part to add a little more love and justice to our beautiful and painful world. She lives with her wonderful wife, Rinda, and two other families in a small cohousing community in Berkeley, California. Her young adult children are her pride and joy.

Laila is blessed to be working full-time as a novelist. When she isn’t writing, she likes to take walks with friends, do jigsaw puzzles, play games, work in the garden, travel, cook, and eat all kinds of delicious food. Visit the author at


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