Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Book Review: A Novel Obsession by Jeff Joseph

Hi all,

Author Jeff Joseph was kind enough to offer to send me a copy of his novel A Novel Obsession for an honest review. I did enjoy this unique story very much and would like to share with you more about his book and my own review.

A Novel Obsession
Jeff Joseph 

Book Description:

What could be more peaceful than a small town nestled in the plush and picturesque Appalachian foothills along the Ohio River? Seemingly nothing unless you actually live in such a place and experience the incestuous nature of the meddling, gossip, and desire that can fester there.

Abby Lane has cornered the market on virtue in her small town, yet there are forces that want to take that innocence away from her. Unfortunately, the depths of deception, often undetected by the pure of heart can be harmful to the unsuspecting soul.

As an English teacher, dreamer and hopeless idealist Abby immerses herself in romantic fiction to fill the void in her reality. There is one author in particular who speaks directly to her heart and she foolishly makes him the model lover by whom all suitors are to be judged. When others try to bridge that gap, idyllic small town America becomes a mysterious place to be.

A Novel Obsession is a great mix of Mystery, Suspense, Intrigue, and romance. It will answer the question:

Is it possible for two people to fall in love having never met?


A Novel Obsession is available on Amazon Kindle and in Paperback 


My 5 Star Review:

Abby Lane is an incurable romantic who dreams of one day meeting the perfect man. She believes that romance doesn't have to wane in a relationship, and wants a man who will romance her from the first day to the last, throughout their lives. Secretly, she has a crush on bestselling romance novelist Daniel Shepperd, because she believes he is the only man who could truly understand her feelings about romance and true love. Unfortunately, her best friend, Julie, thinks that Abby lives with her head in the clouds and is always trying to set her up with men. What Abby doesn't realize is that there can be many layers to people, and sometimes, those with the most layers can be dangerous.

A Novel Obsession is a unique story with complicated characters who keep you guessing. A mixture of romance, suspense, and mystery, this novel has many layers that keep the story interesting and intriguing. I enjoyed this novel very much and I look forward to future novels by Jeff Joseph.


About Jeff Joseph:
In spite of being a husband and father, I have always been a daydreamer. I was that guy in high school algebra with the far away expression on his face, and no I wasn't thinking about how to apply mathematics to save the world. I was thinking about the girl of my dreams and how I would make her mine. True love and the inherent difficulty in finding it are what I daydream about the most, and to me writing a book is merely daydreaming and capturing your thoughts in print. It makes them more real and provides the opportunity for others to share in them as well. And so I hope you will.


Connect with Jeff Joseph:

Twitter @author_jeff

I hope you will check out Jeff's novel. It is the first in a series, and I am sure you will enjoy it.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Lucky In Love Blog Hop

Hi all,

The blog hop is now over. Thank you to all who participated. It was a fun hop! To see who won the Grand Prizes, click here.
Congrats to Kirsty for winning this blog's $10 Amazon Gift card!

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Are You Lucky in Love?

Love finds us in the strangest ways. Some of us find it right away while others may not find the perfect partner until they are older. Or maybe you've been in love several times before finding Mr. Right. But when you do, it's magic! You know when you meet your one true love because you can't imagine living your life without him. So what do you think? Is it luck that brings you to your true love, fate, or destiny? Or do people just find each other through trial and error?

Fate Plays a Hand in SARA'S PROMISE

In my latest romance novel, William Grafton feels lucky to have found his soul mate once in life, but after she dies tragically, he wonders if love will ever find him again. When he meets Annie, he believes it is luck. But soon he learns that fate and destiny may have played a hand in sending him a new love.

Sara's Promise is available on Amazon Kindle and in Paperback.


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Friday, March 8, 2013


Hi all,

I was so excited today to wake up to find that my romance novel SARA'S PROMISE has been included in USA TODAY'S Happily Ever After blog. IndieReader submitted my novel to this blog after having reviewed Sara's Promise on their site. What a wonderful way to start out my morning! Check out the USA TODAY article here.

I've been so lucky at how well Sara's Promise has done over the past two weeks. I had free days for Sara's Promise the last two days of February, and during that time it hit #6 on the top 100 Kindle eBooks list. After my free days, the sales and borrows have been extraordinary. Many new wonderful reviews have also been left on Amazon for Sara's Promise. Thank you to everyone who has purchased my book and left reviews. It is so nice to hear when readers enjoy my novel.


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Book Review: Mill People by Alle Wells

Hi all,

I am a big fan of author Alle Wells. She writes superb historical fiction novels with intriguing characters and realistic settings. Alle's latest novel, Mill People was recently released, so I had to read it. Below is a description of this new novel of hers and my five star review.

Mill People
Alle Wells

Book Description:

Jesse Finney's story captures the life of a Southern mill town from the late 1800s to the mid-twentieth century. The mill town disappears, but the love of family and community lives on in Jesse's heart and this story.

Buy on Amazon Kindle $0.99

My 5 Star Review:

"We are mill people." This is the Finney family motto and they have all worked at the cotton mill for generations in the small southern town of Whispering Falls. When young Jesse Finney turns sixteen in 1975, she also follows the family tradition of going to work at the mill.

Mill People shares fascinating insights into one family's life surviving generations in a small town due to the prosperity of the mill. Author Alle Wells creates realistic and interesting characters that portray a convincing view of life in a small southern town. From the time period after WWII to the late 1970s, many people in small town America depended upon the mills and factories to provide good paying jobs. By the 1980s, many of these jobs faded away as big business moved out of country for cheaper labor. Alle reflects how this affected the mill families in this small town and the resilience of Americans to find a way to go on when everything else falls down around them.

I love how Alle writes, bringing you back in time and making you feel as if you are really there. I highly recommend Mill People to anyone who enjoys historical fiction.

Be sure to read my review of Alle's other novels:

Leaving Serenity

Railroad Man

Lame Excuses


Friday, March 1, 2013

Book Review: A Stairway To Danger by Ben Woodard

Hi all,

Author Ben Woodard writes novels for the middle-grade through young adult audience that are packed with action and adventure. I recently read one of his Shakertown Adventure novels, A Stairway to Danger, and I want to share this novel with you along with my 5 star review. A note to parents: This novel is geared toward an older audience (ages 15 & up) due to language and violence.

A Stairway To Danger
Ben Woodard

Book Description:

It’s 1923 and Tom and Will, two small town boys, discover the body of a local deputy. Was the death an accident? The boys don’t think so and become immersed in a harrowing mystery. A huge assailant with a single gold tooth attempts to kill them. With their friends, they battle the toothless giant and a shadowy group.
Will Tom’s “crazy” book ideas save them or get them killed? And where does the stairway to danger lead?

My 5 Star Review:

A Stairway to Danger is an intriguing novel filled with action and adventure from beginning to end. Tom and Will, two cousins living in a small town in the 1920s, become involved in a mystery when they find the body of the local deputy. Soon, they are investigating a mysterious barge on the river and becoming entangled in a dangerous adventure.

I found this novel to be reminiscent of the Hardy Boy series, except it is geared toward an older audience. The characters are well-thought out and realistic and the author gives the reader a good sense of the time period. Ben Woodard is an excellent writer who knows how to plot and plan a great adventure story.    

Buy A Stairway To Danger on Amazon Kindle $2.99

About the Author:

A spellbinding storyteller of high adventure, Ben has walked the Great Wall of China, hiked in Tibet, and climbed to 18,000 feet on Mt. Everest. And recently learned to surf in Hawaii. Ben is active in SCBWI and a member of a local children's writing critique group. He is a former Marketing Manager for a major corporation and ran his own marketing consulting business. He started writing children's stories in 2008 and has written picture books, middle grade and young adult. Stories of adventure and wonder. Stories that inspire and educate, and, most of all, entertain. Ben lives in Kentucky with his wife Lynda.

Connect with Ben:


Twitter: @Benswoodard