Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Finding Libbie Release Day Blitz & Blog Tours!

It's finally here!
I'm so excited to finally be able to share my latest novel with everyone.
First, be sure to pick up your copy of Finding Libbie on Amazon in the following formats:

Now, the fun begins! Starting today,
Finding Libbie is on tour.

See the schedules below and follow along.

I hope you'll take a moment to stop by one or all of them and leave a comment. 
Here are the schedules for the Blitz and Blog Tours!

Finding Libbie Book Blog Tour
Hosted by TLC Blog Tours
September 6th - October 12th
Click here for the schedule or follow below.
Tuesday, September 6th: Bookchickdi

Thursday, September 8th: Reading Reality

Wednesday, September 14th: From the TBR Pile

Thursday, September 15th: Back Porchervations

Friday, September 16th: A Chick Who Reads

Monday, September 19th: Ms. Nose in a Book

Wednesday, September 21st: Mama Vicky Says

Monday, September 26th: All Roads Lead to the Kitchen

Tuesday, October 4th: Kahakai Kitchen

Wednesday, October 5th: Books and Bindings

Thursday, October 6th: Patricia’s Wisdom

Friday, October 7th: View from the Birdhouse

Monday, October 10th: Snowdrop Dreams of Books

Wednesday, October 12th: Write Read Life
Finding Libbie Release Day Blitz
Hosted by CLP Blog Tours
This is a one day blitz on September 6th
Finding Libbie Book Blog Tour
Hosted by CLP Blog Tours
September 6th - 9th
September 6 - Chick Lit Plus
September 8 - The Book Sirens
September 9 - Granny Loves to Read

 Thanks everyone! I hope you enjoy reading
Finding Libbie!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Box on the Shelf

A memory box. We all have one. It might be a shoebox under your bed, or a plastic container in your closet. It may have sat in your basement or attic for years, out of sight but not completely forgotten. But it’s there. And when you open it—magic!

No two memory boxes are alike. One might contain photos from childhood, another memorabilia from college years. It may have your pins and awards from high school or a dried up corsage from prom. Maybe it contains your baby shoes and Kindergarten awards. Maybe it holds your sport trophies. They are all different, but they all have something in common. These are the boxes that, when you open them, transport you back to a place and time when you were your happiest, saddest, or maybe both. They bring back memories of a different you—younger, or stronger, or happier—a time or place that meant something special to you then, and now. Your memory box may even bring you back to the feeling of first love, or first heartbreak.

A memory box is what inspired me to write my latest novel, Finding Libbie. One day I opened a box of memories—not mine but someone else’s—and I actually felt the entire story of Finding Libbie wash over me in a matter of seconds. The memories in that box were strong and rich and heartbreaking. Just like my story.

No, the memories in the box were not Jack and Libbie’s story—not even close. But the feelings that arose from the contents of the box are what gave me the story. A story of a love so strong, yet lost too soon. A story of one women’s search for a happy ending.

Do you remember what’s in your memory box? Maybe it’s time to take it out, dust it off, open it, and feel all those magical feelings again.

Finding Libbie: A Novel
Coming September 6, 2016
Pre-order now!