The Last Lady of the Silver Screen


May 28, 2024

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The Last Lady of the Silver Screen

Deanna Lynn Sletten

Book Description:

The streets of old Hollywood are paved with glitter and gold, secrets and lies. What’s real, and what’s imagined? Only those who lived it know the truth.

1934 – Young Kathleen Carver dreams of becoming a movie star despite her father’s warnings that it isn’t a life she’d want. As she grows, she becomes more determined and her strong personality and independent soul won’t let her give up. After college, she stays out east and works in the theater. Then her big break comes—Hollywood is calling—and she goes home to California to become the star she always knew she’d be. But there are bumps along the highway to stardom, heartbreaks, losses, and scandals. And secrets—so many secrets to keep.


Today – Kathleen Carver hates publicity. Despite having been an actress of both stage and screen since the early 1940s, she’s always despised the way newspapers and tabloids distorted stories about her private life. Her life had been unconventional for a single woman of her generation, making her an easy target for rumors. But now, at ninety-eight years old, she’s published her autobiography for personal reasons, and she hates that she had to do it. Additionally, she’s agreed to do several interviews for a documentary on a streaming channel, and it feels like torture sharing bits and pieces of her life with the world. But she has her reasons, and the public will never learn from her the true secrets she’s kept locked inside no matter how hard they try. Because old Hollywood had big secrets, and she refuses to betray her friends, or herself.

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