All The Pretty Girls

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All The Pretty Girls

A Rachel Emery Novel, Book 3

Book Description:

There’s a serial killer on the loose around Florida State University, or at least that’s what everyone believes. Young women go missing for several days and then are found dead a few miles from where they were abducted. The local police and an FBI task force are working to find the culprit but with no success. Meanwhile, all the women around Tallahassee are afraid they may be next.


When Amber Johnston, Rachel’s daughter’s roommate and best friend, is discovered missing on the first day of spring break, Rachel becomes involved. Unfortunately, her boyfriend, FBI Agent Avery Turley, is in Idaho as part of a task force searching for a different serial killer. So, Rachel turns to Lieutenant Jack Meyers of the Panama Beach City Police Department for help. Together they search for Amber, leading them on the trail for the culprit killing all the pretty girls.

Cover Design by Deborah Bradseth Cover Design

Release Date: March 14, 2023

Genre: Murder Mystery/Women Sleuths

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