Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Goodreads: Isn't it Time You Joined?

Come visit my page at Goodreads.
Hi all,

Are you an author? Are you a reader? Do you love reading books of all types? Do you love reviewing books? Are you always looking for recommendations for books to read?  If any of these questions apply to you - why haven't you joined Goodreads yet?

What is Goodreads?

Goodreads is a site for all things reading and writing. On Goodreads, authors can post their books and readers can write reviews of those books. Readers can find new books to read, read reviews, and socialize with other readers. Readers and authors can connect and communicate with each other. Authors can also advertise their books.  Basically, it is a "Facebook" style site for readers and authors - only better.

Goodreads is Free and Easy to Join

It doesn't cost a penny to join Goodreads. You will have a profile page and be able to control who is your friend and who can read what is on your page. Many new and established writers place ads for their books on Goodreads and often they offer discount prices, coupons or contests for free copies. If you read a lot - it is the perfect place to find new authors to read - especially 'indie' authors you may have never heard of but who have written interesting and fun books.

If you are an author - self-published or big time publisher - Goodreads offers you a free Author's Page which has additional elements as compared to a regular page. You should sign up with your published name in order to be offered an author's page so they know who you are.

Come visit my page at Goodreads to see what it is all about.  It's a great site to be on if you are an author or a reader. If you join, become my friend - I will be happy to see you there!



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