Sunday, January 22, 2012

Loving the Great Reviews for Both Books & Outlaw Heroes Ranks #32!

Hi all,

I am thrilled at all the wonderful reviews I've received so far for both of my books, Widow, Virgin, Whore and Outlaw Heroes. It is rewarding to not only have people buy my books, but to also hear that they enjoyed them.  When people leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads - that is the icing in the cake! To read some of what people are saying about my books, click on the book tabs at the top of this blog or visit my page at Goodreads or Amazon.

More good news! - Outlaw Heroes is ranked #32 in the Amazon Kindle Store in it's genre.  Now, that sounds really good, but I have to be completely honest - when I say in it's genre, I mean this:

#32 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Children's Fiction > Historical Fiction > United States > Westerns

I took this right off of Amazon.  Overall - Outlaw Heroes is in the 200,000s ranking, but we will ignore that fact and just dwell on the #32!

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy of one of my books so far.  I appreciate your support.  As an avid reader myself, I know it isn't always easy to spend your hard-earned money on a book by an unknown author who hasn't proven herself yet - so I hope you have all felt that my books were worth your time and money.  Since joining Goodreads, I've purchased and read several Indie author's books and have found some really good authors who I will be sure to follow.  Readers and authors alike can join Goodreads - you should try it out.

What I'm Up to Next

I am currently working on polishing a full-length manuscript and getting it ready to publish this spring.  On top of that, I am also getting ready to publish a short story that I will be offering for free to my readers on Smashwords (and hopefully Amazon if they will allow Free!).  With the short story, I am including the first chapter of the new book I am working on to give you a preview of it.  So keep on the lookout for the short story - "Reflected In Her Eyes" and my new novel "Memories". 

Self-publishing both a new book and a short story means coming up with enticing book covers for both. I am driving my daughter crazy with the cover for "Memories" - we have the idea and photos ready but I'm being picky about the background.  My daughter is a computer design major in college and has helped me with all my book covers so far, hopefully she won't quit on me! Good thing we are related!

I'll keep you all updated on when the short story is available and when "Memories" is finally published.



  1. Congratulations, Deanna! I think ranking #32 for the genre is impressive enough, but did you know that Outlaw Heroes is currently #5 on the Top Rated list for Children's US Western Historical Fiction? Way to go!

  2. Thanks, Crystal. No, I didn't see the #5 ranking - I'll go check it out. I suppose being as there are not too many children's westerns these days, I have the market on that grouping! LOL