Sunday, January 27, 2013

SARA'S PROMISE Receives Two New Wonderful Reviews

Hi all,

I'm always thrilled when one of my novels receives a wonderful review, but I had to share with you these two (whoops, three) recent reviews of SARA'S PROMISE. Both were by prominent book bloggers who read dozens (if not hundreds?) of books each year and share their thoughts with their readers. I had met both of these ladies when MEMORIES was on tour last September and I requested a review of Sara's Promise from them as well - and they so generously agreed.

Before I share the links to the reviews, I just want to say that book bloggers are the very lifeblood for indie authors like myself. Through them, readers actually get to meet new authors and read excerpts, guest posts, and reviews of books they wouldn't find anywhere else. Without book bloggers, indie authors wouldn't have a chance, and I appreciate each and every one of them.

Now on to the reviews...

Susan @ The Book Bag

Susan wrote a beautiful review of SARA'S PROMISE that just warmed my heart. Here is just a bit of it:

"Sara's Promise is a wonderful story that I just got lost in. Deanna writes such warm, beautiful words that makes one just keep reading and reading."

You can read the entire review by going to Susan's blog here. Be sure to check out her many other reviews too, and let her know that you've stopped by for a visit by leaving a message and saying Deanna sent you. :)

Kathleen not only wrote a lovely review of SARA'S PROMISE, but also included an excerpt from the book along with a guest post by me titled Characteristics of a Soul Mate. Here is a bit of her review:
"Sara's Promise is a poignantly touching story about soul mates and everlasting love. It is also the uplifting story of love, loss, hope and forgiveness."
There is so much more to this review, so be sure to stop by and read it in its entirety here.
And since I've got your attention, even though I only said two reviews up top, I want to add one more. Norma Budden did a wonderful review of SARA'S PROMISE that I have to share. I met her on Goodreads and she saw my book there, was drawn to the cover, and read it. To my great surprise, she reviewed it on her blog here.  Be sure stop by and read her review of my novel as well as the many others she's reviewed.



  1. Congratulations on the wonderful reviews, Deanna! Thank you, too, for often coming over to my blog and taking the time to leave comments! :)