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Alpha Doesn't Always Mean Tough - The Alpha Male Blog Hop

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The Alpha Male Blog Hop & Giveaway!

Hi all,

The alpha male – this term conjures up a mighty, manly man with rippling muscles, a square jawline and piercing blue (or grey or brown-you decide) eyes. He wears faded jeans and workman's boots and his blue flannel shirt is left unbuttoned to the waist. Well, that is when he is wearing a shirt. He sweeps damsels in distress off of their feet and saves them from the evil boyfriend in the suit or the evil employer who harasses her or, basically anyone or anything that is making her life miserable. He is in control, he can do just about anything and he makes love in a sweeping, powerful yet tender, fashion. But let's face it ladies, we all know that this man does not exist.

In reality we want men who are cute (hot would be nice too), dress decent, have a steady job (and hopefully health insurance) and who will let us be in charge most of the time (admit it!). We want him to be generous in bed as well as willing to do the dishes after a long day of work. And although it would be nice for him to save us from distress, it is equally as nice if he changes a diaper and helps put the kids to bed. Even though he keeps his shirt on, he's still manly and he's our alpha male. What do you think makes a man an alpha male?

In my romance novel, MEMORIES, Michael has played the part of alpha male when he fought in the Vietnam War but that isn't the part of him that Dani once fell in love with. It was his tender and loving ways with his daughter, and now granddaughter, which warmed her heart.  Michael proves that a true alpha male can have a tender side in this excerpt from MEMORIES:

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Michael walked over to the drapes, standing near her again. He pushed aside one heavy drape and the room filled with sunshine. The view of the beach and the ocean beyond was spectacular.

 "I tried running away from 'all this'," he told her. "My grandfather started the business when he came over from Portugal and my father continued in his footsteps. I was being groomed to take over when I went out to Berkeley for college. But once I'd escaped to California, and away from the family, I didn't want to come back." He sighed and Dani looked at his profile as his eyes searched the ocean beyond.

 "So you left it all behind?"

 "For a few years. I married Diane while in college and we had Vanessa right away. Two years into college I was drafted for Vietnam, which really pissed my father off. He wanted to try and get me out of serving, but I insisted on going. When I came back and Diane left me, I still couldn't bear coming back here. So I stayed in California all those years and, well, you know the rest."

 But Dani didn't know the rest. She had only been a part of his life for a few months. And although she had thought then that she knew him well, she now realized that she hadn't really known him at all.

 "But you are back here now," she told him.

 "I had to grow up finally," was all he said. Michael stared at Dani as if memorizing her every feature. "I'm happy you're here," he told her.

 The room became too close for Dani and she suddenly walked past him to the door. "I should get back to the party," she said, although she knew it was a feeble excuse. After all, no one was going to miss her.

 "Have you met Michelle yet?" Michael asked, not wanting to lose her attention. He seemed to have broken through her icy wall and was enjoying her company.

 Dani stopped reluctantly and turned to face him again. "No, she was napping earlier. Vanessa said she'd bring her down later."

 "Let's see if she's awake. I love showing her off." Before Dani could say anything, Michael grabbed her hand and led her out the door and across the hall and up the back stairway.

 "You really don't have to do this," she protested. But her words fell on deaf ears as he led her from the stairs down the hallway that led to the family wing. Everything here was done in light colors, a complete contrast to the rooms downstairs. The walls were waist-high cream wainscoting and the top half of the walls had cream wallpaper with delicate peach, rose and green flowers. The sculptured carpet was a mixture of cream and tan. At intervals there were small oak tables holding flower vases, figurines or baskets of dried flowers.

 Turning a corner, they practically ran into an elderly woman carrying a little girl in her arms. From the red, curly hair and emerald green eyes Dani knew instantly that this was Vanessa's daughter.

 "Oh, Mr. DeCara," the older woman said, startled by his sudden appearance. "I was just bringing Michelle down to her mother."

 "That's fine, Mrs. Carols. I'll be happy to take her." At that, the woman handed Michelle to Michael and turned back down the hall.

 Dani studied the child in Miguel's arms for a moment, warmed by her resemblance to Vanessa. Miguel's eyes beamed with pride.

 "Michelle," he said, in mock introduction. "This is Miss Westerly. Miss Westerly, I'd like you to meet my granddaughter, Michelle."

 Playing along, Dani reached out her hand to touch Michelle's petite one. "Happy to meet you, Miss Chandler," she said. Michelle only cocked her head and giggled in reply.

 "She's beautiful," Dani told Michael, who only nodded his agreement.

 "And shy, too, as you can see. She takes after her grandfather," he teased.

 Dani rolled her eyes at him and looked once again at the lovely little girl. Seeing Miguel there, holding his granddaughter, the love so obvious in his eyes, reminded her of his warmth with Vanessa and how much that had once touched her heart. It brought back the side of him she had loved so much. The side of him she had forgotten in the years she told herself she hated him.

 For a moment, it seemed they were transported back in time. Back to the Miguel and Dani they had once been. By sharing this special moment with him, Dani almost forgot she had ever hated him, or why.

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  1. My favorite alpha male is more like a family of them...The Mackenzie's created by Linda Howard are my favorite ones...but I also love the Doms in Cherise Sinclair's Shadowlands series.
    my email is: qwilliarain AT gmail DOT com

  2. Love alpha males for their attitude and silent but strong personality. They give the heroine a feeling of being protected, controlled, dominated and more importantly wanted and loved.

    I don't have one favorite alpha (there are simply too many)

  3. I love you idea of an alpha male. My alpha male is also a great father and someone who sticks up for me no matter what. He isn't afraid to show that he loves me and is always willing to share a laugh with me, even at his expense.

    fencingromein at hotmail dot com

  4. i agree with shannon ro on what an alpha male is

  5. yup! in reality we want a man with a steady job and who we can count on when things get tough. sstogner1 at gmail dot com

  6. Alpha heroes can comes in all shapes and sizes. That's what makes them so great.

  7. I'm going to say if you have a good job and are a decent stand up guy who cares about others then that's all that matters. :)

    flockparty (at) hotmail (dot) com

  8. I think alpha males are totally hot. They aee honest and loyal to the ones they

  9. I love your definition of a realistic alpha. I love fictional alphas, but I wouldn't want one in real life.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!
    pinkbonanza{ AT }gmail{ DOT }com

  10. I love Alphas, because I need someone as confident and dominant as me to be an equal in our relationship - I hate the feeling as if partner is less powerful than me and cannot make it without me.

    My favourite Alpha male is Gabriel from Annette Curtis Klause's Blood and Chocolate, because he's strong, confident and willing to fight for what he wants.

    Thanks for doing this!

    Rachel (oceanrebel333 [at] gmail [dot] com)

  11. Love reading about alpha males, love when they go above and beyond to protect the one they love.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  12. I love alpha males so much that I married one.

  13. Thanks for the hoppin fun !


  14. An alpha male is someone who is confident, brave and has a good sense of humor.
    by.evie at yahoo dot com dot br

  15. As much as I love reading about alpha's I don't think I would I would want to be with one in real life.

    My fave is Acheron in the Dark Hunter series.


  16. I think that tender side is what is easy to find in books but harder to find in real life.

    Thanks for participating in the hop!

    dmr8888 at yahoo dot com

  17. Highlander alpha male works for me,strong and sexy.

  18. I love reading about Alpha Males, but I'm thankful everyday to come home to my realistic Alpha!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    snhoveln (at) gmail (dot) com

  19. My favorite alpha is Eric Northman from Sookie Stackhouse series.

    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  20. Thanks so much for the chance at your giveaway!
    I totally love the over confident, strong willed, somewhat over-bearing protective Alpha. With that said, he also needs to have 'the looks' I so love: dark longish hair, over 6'3", green eyes w/ long black eyelashes, a killer smile, and dimples are a bonus. :) Don't forget that muscular physique. No doubt he'll have a cocky attitude with all that greatness above, but he better have some Snark in his sense of humor. I need to laugh and want to kick his a$$ at the same time. lmao
    Thanks again,
    Sebrina_Cassity at yahoo dot com

  21. I like reading fiction with alpha heroes with their uber manly attributes. I may admire alphas in real life from afar but being married to one is another thing.
    bituin76 AT hotmail DOT com

  22. Why I love Alpha Males is no real surprise! The perfect Alpha Male for me could be a Vampire, a Scottish Laird, an English Rogue/Gentleman, a Werewolf or Shape-shifter, or a Knight. He’s the rogue who thinks he can’t be reformed into a gentleman. He’s the rough and scarred Scottish laird that has a heart of gold. He’s the werewolf or shape-shifter that needs to heal an aching heart because it took him years to find his true mate. He’s the vampire who has waited decades for that special someone’s blood to sing to him and wake him up. And he’s the knight who can defeat the enemy with a quick swing of his sword, but can’t see the love in front of his face. My Alpha Male has eyes that can see into your soul and are as blue as the sea, or as black as a storm. He’s tall and brooding. His heart can enfold you into its grasp and make you fall in love when he gives it to you freely and completely. He is protective and passionate. In the end he is the one that makes your heart jump and butterflies fly in your stomach, and still kiss you until your legs melt!

  23. Thanks for the great post! I agree with you.

  24. Thanks to everyone who has visited and commented so far. Such a great turnout! Keep the comments coming. I'll be drawing for my giveaway on the 23rd. :)

  25. Alpha males are strong, protective and passionate.
    Thank you for the giveaway.


  26. Thanks for doing this!

    rfg dot wwe at gmail dot com

  27. Alpha males are awesome! Betas are too so got to love them ALL!
    I so agree with the post. Got a laugh at the *got to have insurance* part.
    Thanks for the giveaway and being apart of the Blog Hop!

  28. Memories sounds great! Thanks for the chance to win.

    Jyl22075 at

  29. I agree that while having an alpha male would be nice, I will take one that will do dishes and cook me dinner any day of the week. That is in real life though and I tend to be overbearing. In my books, I like a nice strong alpha. Thanks for being a part of this blog hop. It is my first but definitely not my last!
    Best Wishes,

  30. Thank you for being apart of this great hop~ so many sexy alphas to meet along the way!


  31. Thanks for the extra giveaway!

  32. I totally agree with you! I love alphas in fiction, but in reality, they have to be caring and loving. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Great hop!

    Thanks for the chance!

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  34. I love that Alpha Males are as fun to read about as they are to write about! My favorite quality in an Alpha Male is confidence.
    j.lennidorner AT facebook DOT com

  35. Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  36. Thanks for being a part of the hop


  37. Alpha males are the best….strong, independent, fiercely protective, but on the inside they are nothing but a big ol’ teddy bear! I love the way their mouths talk filthy, but their eyes portray their sensitive sweet. They can be rough and tough in the bedroom, but still have the gentle caress of an attentive and protective lover. It's all in the heart.....alpha males are the best!

    Jack Gordon from Liz Crowe's REALTOR series rocks!

    Thanks for participating in the hop!

    molly at reviewsbymolly dot com

  38. This book sounds like such a heartwarming read. Thank you for the joining the hop...

    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

  39. Hi, Deanna! Great post. Fun hopping together :-)

  40. I love Alpha Males with a hidden soft side, that are strong, fiercely protective, take-charge, and sexy with a little dark n' dangerous thrown in! I have so many favs, it is hard to pick just one!

  41. Alpha males are the best….strong, independent, fiercely protective, but on the inside they are nothing but a big ol’ teddy bear! I love the way their mouths talk filthy, but their eyes portray their sensitive sweet. They can be rough and tough in the bedroom, but still have the gentle caress of an attentive and protective lover. It's all in the heart.....alpha males are the best!

    Jack Gordon from Liz Crowe's REALTOR series rocks!

    Thanks for participating in the hop!

    molly at reviewsbymolly dot com

  42. Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing prize

  43. I think an Alpha must have strength, compassion, and above all, confidence. Thanks for being in the hop!

    jochibi AT yahoo DOT com

  44. I like an alpha who is brave, loyal and protective. I also like a sense of humor. Thanks for the giveaway.

  45. I love alpha heros. So hot! :) I love how dominant, possessive, loyal and protective they are. Thank you for the awesome hop and giveaway! This is so much fun!

  46. thanks for the giveaway! - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  47. I like alphas and their protectiveness.


  48. I love alphas, who are strong, intelligent, protective,loyal and have a wicked sense of humor. Thanks for the giveaway!