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Book Review: Everwud – The Tree, The Boy & The Dog by Marilyn Dieckmann

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I first met Marilyn Dieckmann, the author of Everwud, online on Twitter and Facebook, and was surprised to learn she lives not too far from me up here in the North Country. Although we have never met, I feel as if I know her like a friend, and I couldn't resist reading her novel. I'm so happy I did, it is as enchanting as I hoped it would be. Here is more about her novel and my review.


 Everwud - The Tree, The Boy & The Dog

Marilyn Dieckmann

Book Description:

Life isn't always fair, and if you're an orphan it’s probably worse.

Well, Joey is an orphan. His world is totally turned upside down the moment he sees a shaggy dog in the window at the animal shelter and exchanges a wagon-load of pop bottles for the dog.

But life is never that simple. Dogs are not allowed at the orphanage and a deal is made with Mister Tim, the kind man at the animal shelter that ultimately changes his life.

With his new friends, Joey rescues a fellow orphan from scoundrels who use an adoption scheme to gain cheap labor. and unlocks the secret to his birth. He discovers his mom is in fact a wood elf, and she was sucked back into her world the day he was born.

But that’s not all… there's magic too. Joey is the direct descendant of the mage of EVERWUD and will inherit pure magic one day.

Life couldn’t possibly have more surprises in store for Joey… or could it?

EVERWUD… where adventure begins.


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My 5 Star Review:

I decided to read Everwud – The Tree, The Boy & The Dog by Marilyn Dieckmann, even though I knew it was geared toward children, because of all the intriguing Tweets Marilyn passed along on Twitter. She made it sound enchanting, magical, and lovely. And it is. From the very first paragraph, Marilyn had me hooked. She drew me into the story before I even realized what was happening. I had to know what happened next, and next, and next.

Everwud is not only a magical story, it is also fun and full of adventure. You can't help but like the main character, Joey, right away. He's such a typical boy, yet he really isn't, we soon learn. When Joey befriends a furry companion his life changes. He is caught up in an adventure he can hardly believe is happening to him. And he soon learns more about the parents he has never known and that he wasn't completely abandoned after all.

I would recommend Everwud to children ages eight and up. It's perfect for reading to your child at bedtime, for older children to read to themselves, or for adults looking for a little magic. And the best part about Everwud is it doesn't end with the first book. There are two more in the series.


About Marilyn Dieckmann:

To give credit where credit is due... I would say it was my husband's idea for me to write a book. I absolutely LOVE to read, and devour books every chance I get. The fact that I create magical fairy houses and make up stories for the inhabitants... well, it seemed like a natural step to take. I've made over 78 fairy houses and writing has now become a passion.

I'm a wife, mom, grandma and chocolate lover. Chocolate covered cherries are my all-time favorite candy, but any chocolate will do in a pinch!
Wine taster fits in here too!
I dream in full color and never ever think inside the box. As a matter of fact I don't think I own one of those box thingies.

We live in northern Minnesota where the seasons are well defined... winter and summer, with a brief glimpse of spring and fall in between. Our garden is spectacular even though the season is so short.

I've been a student, house painter, waitress, teacher (2 degrees), care-giver and worked in a lumber mill. However, like I told my sons... it's not necessarily what you do for a living (the job that pays the bills) that defines who you are.
It's what you do that brings you JOY.

My epitaph will read... she LOVED her family well!


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I hope you will read Everwud to your favorite little adventurer!



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