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Book Review: Counting Stars by Kathleen Long

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I just finished the latest novel by Kathleen Long and want to share my thoughts with you about it. I had read her novel, Chasing Rainbows, and this is a continuation of that story. So here is more about the book and my review.
Counting Stars

 Kathleen Long


Book Description:

When Bernadette Murphy's brother, Mark, dies unexpectedly, her world is rocked. Jenny, the wife he left behind, skips grieving and goes straight into survival mode. That is, until she shows up at Bernie's door in tears, holding a battered canvas journal in which Mark--once obsessed with adventure--had listed larger-than-life travel destinations.

Before losing her brother, life had been great for Bernie--a new career and a nice romance--even though she wavers on her boyfriend's proposal and wears her diamond engagement ring on a cord around her neck instead of on her finger. But inspired by Mark's unique bucket list, Bernie puts her mom, her dog, her best friend's angsty teenager, and Jenny into a borrowed RV and sets off on a cross-country road trip, sharing quirky adventures and unexpected turns along the way.

But Bernie can't run forever. Will she find a way to let go of the past, heal her losses, and open herself to life's new possibilities?

USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Kathleen Long, delivers an unforgettable story of healing and hope in this much-anticipated follow-up to her breakout novel, CHASING RAINBOWS


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 My Five Star Review:

Counting Stars is a continuation of Kathleen Long’s novel, Chasing Rainbows. Bernadette “Bernie” Murphy finds herself in a slump in her career as a columnist and is desperately looking for something to restart her creative juices. Her brother, Mark, has recently died, leaving her shaken. When Mark’s wife, Jenny, shows up falling to pieces one day with a book Mark had been keeping since childhood of places he’d wanted to visit—the largest ball of twine, the largest teepee, etc.—Bernie comes up with an idea. She wants to take her mother, sister-in-law, and her best friend on a road trip to visit all of the sites in the book. The problem is, no one wants to go.

Counting Stars is a heartfelt and humorous story of four women all finding their way as they travel across country fulfilling a loved-one’s bucket list. At first, no one is having fun and Bernie begins to wonder why she made everyone go in the first place. But slowly, through adventures and mishaps, they all begin to reconnect again and each one finds that little piece inside of them that had been lost or misplaced. It’s a touching, entertaining story about reconnecting with family. I enjoyed this story and I’m sure you will too.


About the Author:

A long time ago, in an elementary school far, far away, a very young Kathleen scribbled a story idea in her journal. Then she wrote another, and another. She added several poems, the lyrics to a song or two, a love letter to David Cassidy, and so on and so on.

While her early writings never saw the light of day, many of her later works did. And while she did not marry David Cassidy, Kathleen did marry her own Prince Charming. Together, they are raising one drama queen and one obedience-challenged border collie mix in a kingdom divided between suburban Philadelphia and the Jersey shore.

Kathleen is the RITA® nominated, RIO Award and two-time Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence winning author of fourteen novels of contemporary romance, suspense and women's fiction. Her additional honors include National Reader’s Choice, Holt Medallion, and Booksellers Best award nominations.

She divides her time between plotting her next book, bribing her little one to pick up her toys, and begging the dog to heel. Life is good. Very, very good.

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Twitter - @KLWords


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