Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Cover Reveal and Preorder - The Christmas Charm by Deanna Lynn Sletten


I'm so excited to share the beautiful cover and information for my upcoming novel,

The Christmas Charm

This lovely cover was made exclusively for me by

Deborah Bradseth Book Cover Designs

It is a one of a kind cover because she took the photo that created the cover!

Book Description:

Small-town charm and a family on the brink of disaster as Christmas brings its much-needed magic to those who need it most.


1959 – June and Patrick Elden spend their very first Christmas together in their tiny downtown apartment in the rural town of Redmond. As newlyweds, they have their entire lives ahead of them, and their dreams of a home and family loom large. Despite not having much money, Patrick surprises June with a beautiful Christmas star necklace as a symbol of all the years to come. And as their life grows and changes, the story of that little necklace becomes a family tradition that their children and grandchildren cherish throughout the years.


2022 – Jessica Paxton hasn’t returned home for Christmas since the passing of her beloved Grandma June. Despite being an accomplished divorce lawyer in Minneapolis, she still cowers at the thought of spending time in her childhood home with her mother without her grandmother as a buffer. Her mother hasn’t forgiven her for a long-ago tragedy, and frankly, Jess hasn’t forgiven herself either. But her younger sister has begged her to come home, so she does. What awaits her is a family full of problems and tension between her and her mother at its worst. Should Jess turn tail and run for home, or will the Christmas traditions of the past prove strong enough to hold this family together?

This beautiful story releases on November 1, 2022

And is now up for preorder on Amazon.

the paperback will be available on the publication date

and the audiobook will be available too.

Preorder now on Amazon Kindle

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