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Book Review: A Limited Run by Karen McQuestion

Book Review

A Limited Run

Karen McQuestion

Book Description:

When billionaire Felix Worthington invites the five cast members of the TV show A Little Slice of Haven to recreate their roles twenty-five years later, they’re initially skeptical. It’s an unusual request, even for a self-professed superfan like Felix.

For several of them, playing a member of the Barlow family in the small town of Haven in the 1940s was an experience best forgotten. Meri Wetzel, who played a loving wife and mother, has spent the last two decades avoiding her TV husband, Jeff. And the actors who played their children each have lingering resentments of their own.

But living in a recreated version of the town in a warehouse in Montana has its appeal, even knowing they’ll be filmed with hidden cameras as they improvise with other actors playing the townspeople. And the clincher? Two million dollars for each of them, provided they stay all ten days and remain in character the entire time. One by one, they set aside their hesitations and agree to the terms.

After all, with two million dollars they’d be set for life, and really, what could go wrong?


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 My 5-Star Review

Imagine your favorite television show returning after two decades with all the same characters. How much fun would that be? Except in this scenario, the actors are still playing their same ages as before and they aren’t even sure if it will ever appear on screen. Hey, but for the money they are being paid, who cares, right? What they don’t know is there is trouble lurking in their quiet little television land town which may turn their happy homecoming into a nightmare.

I really enjoyed A Limited Run by Karen McQuestion. It was so unique from the average story and in tune to today's society. A cross between a reality show and renewing an old favorite decades later. It takes a very interesting plot to keep me turning pages and this one was truly hard to put down. I highly recommend this novel!



About the Author:

Karen McQuestion is an Amazon Charts bestselling author who's written more than twenty novels and has sold over two million books worldwide. She's also the co-host, (along with USA Today bestselling author Tess Thompson), of the popular podcast, BEHIND THE BOOK.

Her publishing story has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, and NPR and she has appeared on ABC's World News Now and America This Morning.

 McQuestion’s books share common themes of connection and kindness. She lives in Hartland, Wisconsin.

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