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Book Review: The Earl's Match by Holly Bush

Book Review + New Release!

The Earl’s Match

(The Thompsons of Locust Street, Book Five)

Holly Bush


Book Description:

Meet the Thompsons of Locust Street, an unconventional family taking Philadelphia high society by storm…

Payden Thompson’s pursuit of the man threatening his family and his clan proves to be far from a straightforward confrontation. His hunt to kill the illegitimate relative and the man’s followers is brutal and he is imprisoned and beaten after a daring rescue attempt goes awry. Overwhelmed by the violence and loss in Scotland, Payden finds himself unable to shed his fears and trauma after his heroic return to America.

Clarice Endicott finds Philadelphia society boring and chafes at her mother’s schemes to find her a husband amongst the wealthiest of the young men on the hunt for a well-connected wife. A chance meeting introduces her to a handsome and sullen Payden Thompson, who captures her interest, and who has just returned from Scotland after five long and dangerous years. Will Clarice be the woman to help Payden lift himself from the dogged effects of tragedy and violence?


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My 5-Star Review:

The Thompsons of Locust Street are back with this latest novel by the talented Holly Bush. This time, it’s the youngest Thompson’s turn to have an adventure and possibly fall in love. I’ve read all the books in this series—as well as everything Holly has written—and have enjoyed them all.

When Paydon Thompson returns from a long, dangerous trip to his homeland to save his title and land, he is a broken man. The memories of what he experienced during battle haunt him, as does the loss of someone he loved so much. All he wants is to settle back into his life and feel safe again. Then, he meets the strong, willful, beautiful, Clarice Endicott, and she will not only bring more adventure into his life, but also be his true match of character in love.

The Earl’s Match has everything you want in a historical romance novel. Adventure, drama, and romance. Holly has a beautiful way of writing that keeps you on the edge of your seat while warming your heart. I highly recommend this novel – as well as the entire series.



About the Author:

“I love you. With every bit of myself, until we are old and infirm. Until the only thing left is love.”

The Thompsons of Locust Street, Philadelphia, features five siblings from Scotland with some family secrets that could place them in danger. The first book is The Bachelor's Bride, Elspeth's story. The Bareknuckle Groom, James Thompson, is the second book, and The Professor's Lady, Kirsty Thompson, is the third. Muireall Thompson's book, The Captain's Woman, releases in January 2023.

The Gentrys of Paradise begins with the novella Into the Evermore where readers meet Virginia horse breeders, Eleanor and Beauregard Gentry. The following books feature their children, Adam, Matthew, and Olivia. For the Brave is Matthew’s story and is the first full length book of the series. Olivia's book is For This Moment and Adam's story, For Her Honor, is the final book in the series.

The Crawford Family Series following the fortunes of the three Boston born Crawford sisters and includes Train Station Bride, Contract to Wed, Her Safe Harbor, and companion novella, The Maid’s Quarters. Cross the Ocean is a British set Victorian romance. Fan favorites stand-alones include Romancing Olive and Reconstructing Jackson. Holly's books are described as ‘emotional, with heartfelt, sexy romance.’

Holly Bush books are set during the turbulent and transformative years of the late 1800’s. She makes her home with her husband, one happy Labrador Retriever, a clever Jack Russell rescued from the pound, and two difficult cats in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Connect with Holly at www.hollybushbooks.com, on Twitter @hollybushbooks, on Facebook at Holly Bush, on BookBub at Holly Bush, and on Instagram at Holly Bush Books. Follow Holly on her Amazon author page to receive new release updates and sale information.

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