Monday, February 27, 2012

MEMORIES Free eBook Days Set - My KDP Select Experiment

Hi all,

As I mentioned before, I published my latest novel MEMORIES on Amazon this past week and I entered it into the KDP Select Program for 90 days. I've also already set my first 2 FREE promotion daysWednesday, Feb. 29th and Thursday, March 1st.  (Click here for MEMORIES.) I'm excited about this free promotion – I can't wait to see how many downloads my book gets and whether or not it will affect my sales afterwards. I am also excited to get this story in readers' hands and, hopefully, get a few reviews from it.

My KDP Select Experiment

Even though I've had eBooks for sale on Amazon since late November 2011, I didn't enroll any of them in the KDP Select Program. I had read so many negative articles by authors about the program so I wasn't convinced that it might help my books. Since then, I've read many, many blog posts by people who have actually tried the program and experienced success from it. While everyone doesn't have the same results, so far from what I can tell trying KDP Select and using your free days doesn't really hurt either – so it's worth a try. (Read my post on why I considered enrolling in KDP Select.)

In all honesty, I really wanted to try the program with my other eBook, WIDOW, VIRGIN, WHORE first, but it didn't work out. It was easy to remove my books from Smashwords, but I'm having trouble with Barnes & Noble. My books are published on B&N through Smashwords, so I'm waiting for B&N to get the word to take the books off. Unfortunately, after several weeks and a couple of e-mails to B&N and Smashwords from me, it just isn't happening. If anyone reading this has had this same experience and have advice on how to get B&N to take your books down, I'd love to hear from you.

But all that aside, I decided to place MEMORIES on KDP Select first and try it out. I'm told that romances do well on free days, so we will see. Starting on Wednesday, MEMORIES will be free for 2 days and I will track how the free downloads are doing. Then I will keep track of sales after the free day to see if they have risen. I will be sure to keep you all posted – I know there are still many authors out there who aren't sure about trying KDP Select and are looking to see how others are doing.

Wish me luck! If you want to tell all your friends about my romance novel MEMORIES being free and tweet all your followers, I'd really appreciate it. J



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