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Outlaw Heroes - FREE Days March 14th - 16th!

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Well, after weeks of e-mailing site after site I have finally liberated my children's ebook, Outlaw Heroes from Smashwords and their partner sites and am now able to add it to the KDP Select program on Amazon. I've set the FREE Days for Outlaw Heroes for Wednesday - Friday, March 14th - 16th. If you are looking for a fun adventure book for your child to read (vampire free) then be sure to mark your calendar to download this ebook. Outlaw Heroes is a fiction, action/adventure novel for children ages 10 and up.

Here is a description of the book:

Outlaw Heroes

Twelve-year old Will Long loves the old west and his favorite stories are ones about Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. When he was younger, Will and his father watched old western movies together and read books about old-time outlaws and lawmen. His father worked on a ranch and he and Will would ride horses together, rope cattle and attend rodeos. Unfortunately, this all ended the day his dad died suddenly and Will and his mother had to leave the ranch and move into town. After three years, Will still struggles with the death of his father and is having trouble accepting the new man in his mother’s life.

Will and his mother head west to Spokane, Washington on an Amtrak train to attend a family reunion and the one-hundredth birthday celebration for his great-grandmother. During the train ride, Will is suddenly awakened to find he’s been transported back in time and the train is being robbed by none other than Butch and Sundance. Will joins in with the outlaws and jumps at the chance to follow along with them despite Sundance's protests. Will follows the outlaws on some of their most famous robberies and also gets to meet the infamous Etta Place, Sundance's wife. But when a bank robbery goes sour, Will begins to wonder if being an outlaw is as exciting as he’d once thought.

Join Will as he learns life lessons along the way and discovers a family secret that has been hidden for decades.

I hope you get a chance to download this book on its FREE days. Many adults have also read it and enjoyed it too!


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