Friday, March 2, 2012

My KDP Select Experiment Day 2

Memories ranked #22 on Contemporary Fiction.
Hi all

My second FREE day with my book, MEMORIES, on Amazon stayed pretty steady but no big news. I had ended the first day at #372 in the Free Kindle store overall, but I started the second day at a much better ranking.  That ranking went up and down throughout the day. Because I was getting closer to the top 100, I decided to add one more day to my FREE days for a total of 3. My reasoning? I wanted to see if Memories could get in the top 100 Free Kindle store. I also decided that breaking up my free days in 3 and then 2 made more sense than 2-2-1 with this book. Memories was brand new without any ranking when it started so it took longer to work its way up (down? I know I should be saying down but it sounds funny so please bear with me). So I decided that going for that extra day might help it overall much better than saving that one day for another promotion.

Anyway, here is how the rankings for Memories changed throughout the second day. (Number of books downloaded is a continuation from day one.)

--9:20 AM – 826 total downloads for both days - #298 in Free Kindle Store, #22 in Contemporary Fiction and #38 in Contemporary Romance

--12:00 PM – 919 total downloads for both days - #279 in Free Kindle Store

--1:20 PM – 970 in total downloads - #250 in Free Kindle Store

--3:45 PM – 1,051 downloads - #241 in Free Kindle Store - #19 in Contemp. Fiction and #35 in Contemp. Romance

--7:00 PM – 1,133 downloads - #266 in Free Kindle Store – I'm moving back up! Not a good thing.

--12:00 AM – 1,288 downloads - #294 in Free Kindle Store.

--As you can see, rankings go up and down all day. The good news is I will start day three back down at #209 – You'll have to read my next post to find out if I ever made it into the top 100!

Overall Totals for the Day

I cannot leave out my totals from all over the world. After Day 2 was over, my figures were:

U.S. – 1,288 downloads

U.K – 226 downloads

Deutsch – 21 downloads

France – 1 download

Italy – 1 download

The downloads in the U.K. were a nice surprise as were the Deutsch downloads.

Another thing I noticed in the evening of the second day is even though my reports didn't show it, I was ranking in the top 100 Free books in Romance – not a division of romance but in romance overall. That was nice to see.

Well, that is how my second day went. I will let you know how day three did when the totals are all in.

Is this the response to my FREE book days that I expected? Really hard to say. A person always hopes to be one of those lucky authors who gets 20,000+ downloads in 2-3 days – but I think the average KDP Select Free Day experience is closer to what I've been experiencing. However, my book is ranked fairly high, so I really can't complain.




  1. Hi Deanna! I hope that this "KDP Select Experiment"works!
    I downloaded my copy of Memories so I will ready as soon as I can!


  2. Thanks, Ruty. I hope it works too! Hopefully, I will see an increase in sales from it. I will let everyone know soon.