Sunday, March 4, 2012

My KDP Select Experiment Day 3

Memories #18 in Contemporary Fiction
Hi all,

My third and final day of my FREE days for my novel, MEMORIES, was once again a slow, steady increase in downloads. While I didn't achieve a major number like 20,000+ in downloads, I did fairly well with the downloads I did have because they improved my ranking on Amazon. If you remember from My KDP Select ExperimentDay 2 – I ended my second day with a total of 1,288 downloads for two days of my book and at #294 in the Free Kindle Store.  Here is how I did on Day 3:

--10:00 AM – 1,528 total downloads - #209 in the Free Kindle Store and #19 in Contemporary Fiction - #65 Romance.

--12:00 PM – 1,608 downloads - #202 in the Free Kindle Store - #18 in Contemp. Fiction & #30 in Contemp. Romance. I was also #63 in Romance.

--7:15 PM – 1,814 downloads - #238 Free Kindle Store - #19 Contemp. Fiction - #41 Contemp. Romance - #86 Romance.

--10:45 PM – 1,913 downloads - #266 Free Kindle Store - #20 Contemp. Fiction - #42 Contemp. Romance - #86 Romance.

As you can see, the day peaked in the afternoon and then slowed down again by evening. Here are my totals for the entire three days:

U.S. – 1,964 downloads

U.K. – 399 downloads

DE – 41 downloads

FR – 2 downloads

IT – 2 downloads

Was I Satisfied with My Free Days Promotion?

Basically, yes, I really can't complain. When you consider my book Memories was brand new with no rankings or sales, the three free days gave it exposure and will hopefully garner a few book reviews. My promotion didn't break any records and I never made it to the top 100 in the Free Store, but I think I did pretty well by making it into the top 100 for Romance and for Contemporary Fiction. I was especially pleased with the U.K. downloads. I hope this brings in a few sales from the U.K. in the future.

The real test will be to see if I generate sales from my free days now that they are over. I still have two more free days to use for this book before my 90 days are over, but I will wait awhile before I use them. If Memories receives a few good reviews (cross fingers) then maybe the next free promotion days will see more downloads.

I'll let you know in a few days how the sales did now that the promotion is over. I hope I will have good news to report! J


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  1. Thanks for the detailed update - it's interesting to follow your KDP Select adventures. I hope you get a lot of reviews and that your sales soar.:)