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Book Review: Dunaway's Crossing by Nancy Brandon

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I picked up Dunaway's Crossing by Nancy Brandon in early May when she was offering this book for free. I enjoy reading historical fiction so after reading the description of this book, I decided it sounded interesting. Am I ever glad that I downloaded it. If you love historical fiction, be sure to pick up a copy. Here is a description of the book via Amazon and my 5 star review.

Dunaway's Crossing

Nancy Brandon

Book Description:

One rural town paralyzed by disease,
Two women secluded in a remote cabin.
Only one man stands between them and death.

One reader describes Dunaway's Crossing as "a little like The Help but much better" and a cross between "James Lee Burke and Laura Ingalls Wilder...with a little Fried Green Tomatoes mixed in."

It's 1918, and Bea Dot Ferguson thinks she's coming to Pineview, Georgia to visit her pregnant cousin, Netta. But upon arrival, she learns the town has been infected with Spanish influenza. With the help of Great War veteran Will Dunaway, they retreat to the country to avoid contagion, but find themselves confronting obstacles along the way. Together the three struggle to survive in the Georgia back woods to avoid the deadliest virus the world has ever known.

If you liked the drama of The Color Purple and the setting of Wickett's Remedy, you'll love Dunaway's Crossing.

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My 5 Star Review:

Beatrice Dorothy Ferguson (Bea Dot) is the victim of an abusive husband and harbors the secret of an abusive past which she does not want her family and friends to discover. The time period is 1918, the setting, Savannah and rural Georgia. WWI is nearing an end and a deadly influenza outbreak is terrorizing the country, killing people from all walks of life. Bea Dot leaves Savannah to visit her cousin who lives in a small town in rural Georgia. Her cousin, Nettie, is married to the town's doctor and is expecting their first child. When the influenza starts spreading throughout their small town, Nettie's husband sends the two women out of town to live with Will Dunaway, a close family friend, who has just opened a small country store. Bea Dot soon finds she is falling in love with Will, and thus begins one of the many stories immersed in this historical romance/drama.

Dunaway's Crossing is more than just a romance – it is a historical piece which clearly paints a realistic picture of a time period when women had no rights, segregation between blacks and whites was the norm and death was a sad but common reality. It also shows how resilient people can be when times are tough. Author Nancy Brandon is able to bring the reader back to this time period and immerse them into the lives of these characters, breathing life into them on each page. The characters and situations hold the reader's attention and after the first few pages, you just don't want to put the book down. This story is a testimony to Ms. Brandon's research of the time period and the 1918 influenza breakout and I applaud her for hard work. If you are looking for a light, fun summer beach romance, then this is not the book for you. However, if you enjoy a historical novel with both a good story and depth, you will enjoy Dunaway's Crossing.   

I hope you get a chance to read this book and enjoy it. Currently, I am reading Railroad Man by Alle Wells. I am certain this book will be a winner!


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