Saturday, May 26, 2012

Outlaw Heroes Now Available in Paperback!

Front & Back View of Outlaw Heroes
Paperback Cover (by Tugboat Design)
Hi all,

I just wanted to let you all know that my kid's novel, OUTLAW HEROES is now available in paperback on Amazon. I had several requests to turn this book into a paperback version, so, here it is! It's only $6.99 and you can visit its Amazon page here.

OUTLAW HEROES used to be available in paperback but I had that taken down because of the price the publisher was asking and because it was filled with errors. Since then, I have made changes to it and my proofreader (Crystal from Crystal Clear Edits) found all the errors in the book and fixed those. My book cover designer (Deborah from Tugboat Design), who had created the front cover for my eBook, created the back cover design for the paperback too and made it ready to upload to CreateSpace. Deborah also added the page numbers to the book's manuscript for CreateSpace - something I had tried to do myself but didn't succeed! So now we have a great product ready to share with anyone who enjoys a fun, action/adventure story!

Be on the lookout in June at Goodreads - I plan to have a giveaway there for 4 copies of Outlaw Heroes.

If you are looking for a fun book to entertain your age 10 or up child or middle school grade child, try OUTLAW HEROES - adults seem to like it too!



  1. I'm so happy Outlaw Heroes is out in print now! My 11yo DGD read it on her Kindle and LOVED it. I've got three grandsons the right age that don't have ereaders, so have ordered print copies for those families. Deborah did a great job on the cover, btw - very nice.

  2. Crystal - I love hearing when children enjoy Outlaw Heroes because usually I only hear from adults. I hope your grandsons like it as well. I'll pass your comment on to Deborah - I think she does a great job at book covers as well. :)

  3. Deanna, I just downloaded the Kindle version of OUTLAW HEROES. Hopefully this will help boost its ratings. The hero of some of my novels is an undead Texas Ranger, so we western writers have to stick together!

    I will "like" it as well. I forgot. Sorry. It's been a long day at work.

    1. Roland - thanks for the download of Outlaws. I hope you enjoy it. I will check out your books too. I love the old west - I'm sure there are many others like us too. :)