Sunday, July 1, 2012

Memories is a Semifinalist!

Hi all,

I am excited to annouce that MEMORIES has been selected as a Semifinalist in the Romance division of The Kindle Book Review's Best Indie Books of 2012 Award. It is such an honor to be listed among so many wonderful books and authors. The top five finalists in each genre will be chosen on September 1st and the winners of each genre will be chosen on Oct. 1st. It will be fun to see who is chosen, even if it isn't me (but cross fingers!).

I have to admit, though, that I was probably the very last person to enter the contest. I am always on the lookout for contests, advertising opportunities and review opportunities, and I had just run into this contest literally the last 30 minutes it was open. I hurried as fast as I could to submit my entry and made it just in time. I'm so happy that I ran across this contest in time to submit my entry. Does fate have a hand in this? Or just good luck? Who knows.

Working on My Next Novel

I am currently fast at work on my next novel and although it won't be released until the end of the year, I am hopeful you won't be disappointed. The story is shaping up nicely and I've fallen in love with these characters - I certainly hope the readers do too. It is a women's fiction novel - more of a drama than a romance - and I will try not to make you cry throughout, but I can't promise no tears. :-) I will wait until I am further along with the novel to give you a description and/or the first chapter - I want to make sure it is perfect before I attempt at sharing it.

My book cover designer, Tugboat Design,  has already put together a beautiful cover for my next novel, which I hope to reveal soon. I hate to get ahead of myself, but I love it so much, I can't wait to share!

I appreciate all the support I've received from my readers - everyone has been so kind. I can't wait to share my next novel with you.


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  1. I'm so pleased for you, Deanna - congratulations! And I'll be keeping my fingers crossed, as well.