Monday, July 16, 2012

Book Review: Daughters by Elizabeth Buchan

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I have read every one of Elizabeth Buchan's novels and enjoyed each one. When I saw she had a new novel out, Daughters, and that it wasn't available in the U.S. yet, I was disappointed. However, the author very generously sent me a copy of her novel and I loved reading it! Here is a description of the novel and my 5-star review.

Book Description:

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all mothers want to see their daughters happily settled. But for Lara, mother to Maudie and stepmother to Jasmine and Eve, realizing this ambition has not been easy. With an ex-husband embarking on a new marriage, and the surprising and late blooming developments in her own love life to contend with, Lara has enough to worry about, especially with Eve's upcoming wedding. And when she begins to fear that Eve is marrying a man who will only make her unhappy, and Maudie reveals something that shocks the entire family, Lara faces the ultimate dilemma. Does she step in and risk the wrath of her daughters? Or does she stand by and watch them both make what she fears will be the biggest mistakes of their lives?

My 5-Star Review:

Families aren't always as they appear; even the happiest of families may hold deep, deep scars that they choose to hide on the surface. But when a big family event occurs – especially a wedding or a funeral – then those scars tend to raise their ugly heads and threaten family relationships. This is true in Elizabeth Buchan's latest novel, Daughters.

As Lara's middle daughter, Eve, plans her wedding, feelings begin to run high throughout the family. The sisters, Jasmine and Maudie, are slightly annoyed by Eve's strict planning and also begin to re-examine their own lives. Past grudges between the sisters arise and thoughts of their childhood invade their minds. Lara also examines the decisions she's made throughout her life and her struggle to let her ex-husband go despite his announcement to finally marry the woman he's been with for years. With all this going on, there is enough drama to fill the pages of this beautifully written book by Ms. Buchan.

I have read and enjoyed each and every one of Ms. Buchan's books and Daughters is no exception. I loved this book. Her writing style is so lovely; you become immersed into the story and the lives of these characters before you even realize it. The characters are interesting and well thought out. As in life, sisters are always different from each other and the sisters in this novel reflect that. Good plot, wonderful characters and realistic situations along with beautiful writing adds up to a five-star novel. Ms. Buchan's style is smooth, gentle and lyrical; you don't read her books, you float easily through them. I literally cannot say how much I appreciate her beautiful way with words. Most writers are writers, but Ms. Buchan is a true artist.

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