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Book Review: Portrait of a Gossip by Melanie Jackson

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It is no secret that I am a fan of Melanie Jackson's novels so whenever I'm in the mood for a book that I know will be well-written, interesting and entertaining, I pick up one of hers. And believe me, she has many to choose from. With over 50 novels to her credit and more on the way, there is an array of novels by this talented author to choose from.

Melanie writes several series of books and I was first hooked with her Wendover House Mystery Series. After enjoying all of those, I picked up the first book in the Miss Henry Mystery Series, Portrait of a Gossip. I really enjoyed this novel and I will be sure to read the other two in the series (and possibly more if they come along!) Here is more about this novel and my 5 star review.

Portrait of a Gossip (A Miss Henry Mystery Book 1)
Melanie Jackson

Book Description:

Juliet Henry, water-color artist and retired agent of the NSA, wouldn't stack up her knowledge of the human heart against the great romantic poets, but she knows a thing or two about human avarice and stupidity. It comes as no great surprise when the small artists' colony of Bartholomew's Woods ends up with a dead resident. Harvey Allen was a professional gossip, hated the length and breadth of the state for his scandal-mongering in the press, and it seemed that one of Juliet's talented but idiosyncratic neighbors had finally had enough of his pernicious tale-bearing and decided to paint him out of the picture. Juliet may sympathize, but she also knows that once a person resorts to murder to hide a secret, chances are good that they may choose to kill again. Can she find the murderer before the killer paints the town red?

Move over Miss Marple, there's a new sleuth in town. If you are a fan of Ngaio Marsh or Agatha Christie you are going to love Juliet Henry and the residents of Bartholomew's Woods.

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My 5 Star Review:

There is murder in the little artist village and ex-NSA agent turned painter Juliet Henry is trying to unravel the mystery overtaking their little community of artists. Could one of the artists in their village really be a murderer?

This is another wonderfully written novel by Melanie Jackson. I just love her writing style and the characters are so real they just jump off the pages. I adored the character of Juliet Henry - she is both intelligent and humorous. If you enjoy a good mystery full of colorful characters, you will enjoy this novel. Melanie Jackson is a literary treasure!
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I hope you will try one or more of Ms. Jackson's novels - you certainly won't be disappointed!


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