Friday, June 21, 2013

Book Review: Stutter Creek by Ann Swann

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I already knew Ann Swann is a talented writer from reading her previous novels, the two children/middle grade novels in the Phantom Series and her romance All For Love, so when I started reading her latest novel, Stutter Creek, a romantic suspense, I knew I was in for a great read. What I didn't expect was to be completely blown away! Here is more about Ann's latest novel and my 5 star review.


Stutter Creek
Ann Swann

Book Description:

When Beth loses both her father and her husband within the space of a few months, she retreats to the family vacation cabin at Stutter Creek to try and put her life back on track.

Things don't work out just like she planned: She goes looking for an old flame and finds a serial killer instead.


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My 5 Star Review:

Ann Swann is a talented author whether she is writing a scary, suspense middle grade novel or a contemporary romance novel, but she outdid herself when she combined romance with suspense in her latest novel, Stutter Creek.

When Beth finds herself at a crossroads in her life after losing two very important people in her life as well as her daughter marrying and moving across the globe, she finds she can no longer stay in her empty home. She packs her bag and heads to her father's cabin in the woods where she has found peace and contentment in the past. She remembers a young man from her youth who she met one summer at the cabin and reminisces back to a time when she was young, happy, and carefree, wondering what has become of him. What she doesn't know is that there is trouble in her beloved woods, and it's lurking around her cabin, waiting to pounce!

Ann knows how to craft a captivating suspense story. I became immersed in the novel immediately, and couldn't wait to find out what the next chapter held. Her ability to tell the story from the perspective of each character while holding your complete attention is awe inspiring. She builds the story slowly, increasing the pace and tension until you can't wait to read the ending. This novel is a testament to Ann's ability to write the perfect suspense novel. Personally, I hope she continues to write in this genre because she has mastered it completely!

Stutter Creek is a beautifully written, expertly crafted suspense novel. If you enjoy a novel that will keep you glued to its pages, you will love this novel.  
About the Author:
Ann Swann is the author of All For Love, a contemporary love story published by 5 Prince Publishing. She is the author of Stevie-girl and the Phantom Pilot, and Stevie-girl and the Phantom Student, tales of the supernatural. She has also written numerous award winning short stories. She lives in West Texas with her husband and their rescue pets. She loves libraries and book stores and owns two different e-readers just for fun. Her to-be-read list has taken on a life of its own. She calls it Herman.
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I hope you will pick up Stutter Creek and give it a try - I'm positive you will enjoy it.



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