Monday, July 29, 2013

Book Review: As Angels Watch by Norma Budden and Michael T. Ingram

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I recently had the privilege of reading the Contemporary Christian Romance novel, As Angels Watch by Norma Budden and Michael T. Ingram. Norma and I met online, as I have many of my author friends, and when she was offering up copies of her novel to be read and reviewed, I quickly offered to do so. It was a delight. Here is more about this lovely novel and my review.


As Angels Watch

Norma Budden
Michael T. Ingram

Book Description:

"As Angels Watch – a love story… complete with comedy and heartache… characters so real you may see them in your mirror."

Jewel and Collin live in different countries yet share the same powerful convictions. Though they haven't met in person, e-mails pass back and forth every day, drawing them closer as one month rolls into the next. After almost a year, they put a plan in motion to meet face-to-face.

Just as Collin prepares to begin his road trip to Canada in search of anticipated love, Tracey - one of Jewel's abused and neglected students - graces her doorstep. Collin and Jewel soon realize there is more to Tracey than meets the eye, that this young girl has an agenda of her own.

Will Collin and Jewel be willing to share their time and attention with a troubled ten-year-old? With guardian angels guiding their every step, can their love withstand all the challenges put before them or will they realize they don't have what it takes?


My 5 Star Review

Jewel and Collin have never met in person but already feel a connection. They met online and have emailed back and forth, finding that they have much in common, especially their Christian faith. Finally, after a heartbreaking event, Collin decides it is time to meet Jewel to see if their connection is as strong in person as it is in their correspondence. Meanwhile, Jewel, who is a teacher, has taken in one of her students who was living in an abusive situation. Jewel hopes that Collin will be able to accept the situation when he comes to visit, and that it won't ruin their chances of finding happiness together.

As Angels Watch is a refreshing romance novel where two people meet and fall in love in a beautiful and innocent way. It follows the two main characters as they live their everyday lives and ask the Lord for assistance when they are struggling. In the background, angels are watching these two people and helping them through their struggles. The young child, Tracey, ads humor and depth to an already delightful story as she tries to play matchmaker with the young couple. As Angels Watch is well-written, vividly descriptive, and incorporates wonderfully fleshed-out characters. A lovely Christian romance novel for readers to enjoy.


About the Author:

Norma Budden considers her home to be Arviat, Nunavut, Canada despite having been raised in various parts of eastern Canada. Norma has spent her adult years honing her craft as a writer, dabbling in fiction, non-fiction, poetry and song. In 2011, she branched out into editorial services and has dabbled a little in web design. Norma's ultimate goal is to be immersed in the writing industry on a full-time basis.

When Norma is not writing or working at her day job as an Administration Manager with The North West Company, she is hanging out with her three kids and grandboy.

Some of Norma's greatest passions in life are reading, writing, traveling and taking photos. She enjoys spending time with friends and spending time in the great outdoors.

You can learn more about what is happening in her world by visiting her website.  
If you enjoy Christian Romance, I hope you will pick up a copy of As Angels Watch and give it a try.



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