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Book Review: Flawless by Jan Moran

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I want to share with you this novel by the talented Jan Moran. Flawless is the first book in the series titled The Hostile Beauty Series, and I enjoyed it very much. Below is more about the book and my review.

Flawless (A Hostile Beauty Series Novel Book One)

Jan Moran

Book Description:

Verena Valent is at the helm of her family's legendary Swiss skincare company, which caters to a glamorous clientele in the heart of Beverly Hills. After her parents are killed in an automobile accident, she becomes the sole provider for her younger twin sisters and her grandmother. Instead of attending college with her friends as planned, she rises to the challenge to guide and expand her family's business. She is in the midst of a critical international expansion into Asia when her carefully organized life begins to unravel.

Verena is shaken to discover that her fiancé, Derrick, might be behind a scheme to take over her growing company. While she struggles to save the business that means everything to her, she meets Lance, an executive chef at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She encounters this intriguing man again while on a business trip to Paris, and soon gains a new perspective on love, romance, and relationships.

When the unthinkable occurs and Verena's world collapses, her friends rally around her, among them Scarlett Sandoval, a top intellectual property attorney; Dahlia DuBois, a perfumer from an esteemed line of French perfumers; and Fianna Fitzgerald, a fashion designer with her own trendy boutique.

Ultimately, Verena learns that truth, family, friendship, and love are the unshakable pillars of life. But will she get a second chance in business, or in love?

Flawless is the first book in the Hostile Beauty Series. Follow a group of smart, stylish, entrepreneurial friends as they navigate the turbulences of modern life in the business of beauty. Set in Beverly Hills with action flung across the globe, this engaging series features gutsy, determined best friends, and how they manage to live the lives of their dreams.

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My 5 Star Review:

Verena Valent is a woman with enormous responsibility on her shoulders. She not only runs the family's high end skincare business in prestigious Beverly Hills, but she's been responsible for raising her younger twin sisters since the death of her parents. Her Grandmother Mia's health also weighs heavily upon her. To complicate things further, the sagging economy forces Verena to seek funds for her business from an unscrupulous source, placing her under even more stress. Can Verena trust her fiancé who works for the funding company to watch out for her interests, or is he the enemy, too?

Flawless is a fast-paced, beautifully written novel about money, power, greed, family, and friendship. Verena and her group of powerful girlfriends are strong, independent women who are a strong support system for each other. With the glamorous backdrop of Beverly Hills where the beautiful people play and often backstab their friends, Flawless has many layers that will pique your interest and keep you reading. If you love novels with interesting characters and a powerful storyline, and with a little love story on the side, you will enjoy Flawless.
(I received a complimentary copy of Flawless from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.)

About the Author:

Jan Moran is a Rizzoli bestselling and award winning author. She writes historical women's fiction for St. Martin's Press, contemporary women's fiction, and nonfiction books. Her stories are smart and stylish, and written with emotional depth. Jan often draws on her international travel and business experiences, infusing her books with realistic details. The Midwest Book Review and Kirkus have recommended her books, calling her heroines strong, complex, and resourceful. She blogs for ProjectEve and at www.janmoran.com.

Jan has been featured in numerous publications and on television and radio, including CNN, Women's Wear Daily, Allure, InStyle, and O Magazine. As an editor and writer, she has covered fragrance, beauty, and spa travel for a variety of publications such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Costco Connection, and Porthole Cruise.

As a serial entrepreneur, Jan is the founder and creator of Scentsa, a touch-screen software program for retailers and brands. The fragrance and skincare programs are at Sephora stores in the US, Canada, and international locations. Scentsa was recently sold to Sephora. A graduate of Harvard Business School, Jan's latest venture is Rich Ideas, a community for authors, consultants, and entrepreneurs, where she shares her knowledge of writing and business.

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