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Book Review: Pieces of Hate by Melanie Jackson

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Pieces of Hate is the fourth book in the Wendover House Mystery Series by Melanie Jackson. I have to admit – I'm hooked on this series. They are fun mystery/suspense books with a few ghosts lurking about. And although the stories are not lengthy, they are lush with interesting characters and unique story lines. Melanie Jackson is a very busy writer who publishes several books a year in several different series. This is great for those of us who enjoy her beautiful writing style and interesting stories. Here is the book description and my 5 star review.


Pieces of Hate
Melanie Jackson

Book Description:

'Never before did I believe that the dead would truly ryse up in judgment if not layd to rest in consecrated ground. But I have seen with myne own eyes, those drowned faces and barnacled bones walking out of the surf.' So wrote Nicholas Wendover (aka Halfbeard, the pirate). But the troubled ghosts did rise every decade and come looking for their stolen treasure, the specially minted coins created by an Aztecan wizard called Pieces of Hate. Unfortunately, Nicholas Wendover was no longer alive and able to reveal where the stolen treasure might have been hidden. It was left to Tess McKay to discover the last of the missing coins before Little Goose Island was overrun with vengeful ghosts.


My 5 Star Review:

A creepy, barnacle-encrusted chest washes up on the island and Tess McKay has to figure out what it is and why it has appeared. Stories of pirates, cursed gold coins and mass murder ensue as Tess digs up more information about her notorious family background at Wendover House.

This fourth book in the Wendover House Mystery Series by Melanie Jackson will not disappoint fans of this series. Ms Jackson is an expert at writing these mystery/suspense novels with rich, full stories that entertain and delight. She has a lovely writing style that enhances the stories greatly – it's so lyrical, descriptive yet intriguing. I recommend this book and the entire series to anyone who enjoys a beautifully written, entertaining, fun set of mystery books.

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