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Three Days With Molly by Jan Romes

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I just love novels by Jan Romes. They are fun, witty, quirky and entertaining. Jan knows how to pace a love story and blend romance and wit perfectly. Jan's latest novel is Three Days With Molly. I can't wait to read this story and will definitely share my review of it in a future post. Until then, here is a description of the novel and an excerpt for you to enjoy. If you love a fun romance - you will love novels by Jan Romes.

Cover by Tugboat Design
Three Days With Molly
Jan Romes

Book Description:

Finn Riley is a hard-working country-rock star whose less-than-meager upbringing turned him into a guarded, self-proclaimed heartless bastard. He's about to embark on a summer concert tour and is in need of a personal assistant.

Molly Williams is a stressed-out, over-worked aide to a divorce lawyer. She's dealt with people suffering from heartache and irreconcilable differences for so long that she thinks all relationships are doomed. When her boss takes a sudden leave of absence, she's gifted with three-months to do whatever she wants. A friend talks her into stumping as Finn's assistant.

Can two work-aholics with trust issues lighten up long enough to follow their hearts? Or will they kill each other before the tour is over?
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Author Bio:

Jan Romes grew up in a small town in Ohio with eight siblings who remain a constant source of love and entertainment. Married to her high school sweetheart for more years than seems possible, she’s also a proud mom, mother-in-law, grandmother, and owner to a loveable mix-breed dog and the world’s most independent cat. Jan loves to read all genres but she enjoys writing witty romance.

An Excerpt from Three Days With Molly

Finn tossed and turned, punched his pillow for the hundredth time, and tried to block out the day that had been a calamity of errors. Molly was upsetting the rhythm of his life and stretching the trial basis so tight it was about to snap in two. She was a major disruption. He did a minute by minute accounting of the things that had gone wrong since her arrival. The woman stood out in the pouring rain, for crying out loud. He took a soul-cleansing breath, and made a firm decision – if tomorrow went the way today did, she was out of there.

Giving his fans the best of him for three months required one-hundred percent focus…and sleep.   

He closed his eyes again and tried to clear his mind.

Fifteen minutes later he rolled to his side to stare at the clock on the nightstand. He’d been trying to shut down for hours. It was now four-thirty in the morning. He crawled out of bed and headed to the kitchen. On the way, he noticed a small light shining above Molly’s bunk. It appeared someone else couldn’t doze off.     

Finn tiptoed to the fridge, poured a glass of milk, and perched himself lengthwise on the couch. He took his first sip, and Molly was suddenly there looking bedraggled but beautiful. 

“I couldn’t sleep either.” She yawned and parked herself at the kitchen table.

“Join me.” Finn threw his legs off the couch to make room for her.

“Finn, I’m sorry for being a pain.” She blinked with dewy lashes.

Had she been crying? Finn’s heart clenched. “Shh,” he said. “Let’s not rehash the day. We need to relax and wipe the slate clean. Get a fresh start tomorrow.”

Their gazes connected.

“Thank you.” 

For half an hour, they made small talk about the unusually hot summer, how the lack of rain – until earlier today – had put the Midwest in one of the worst droughts ever, and how the temperature had teetered close to a hundred degrees for the past week.

Molly pointed to the leather bands tied at his wrist. “Those are unique.”

Finn removed one and handed it to her. “I made them.”

“Seriously?” Molly inspected the band, turning it over, running her fingers over the soft leather. “This is really great.”

An odd emotion made him shift like he couldn’t get comfortable.  

“I love how you used a guitar pick as decoration.”

Damn it all to hell, he was embarrassed. For the life of him he couldn’t figure out why. “Thanks.”

Molly handed it back.

Finn shook his head. “You can have it.”  

Oh, no, I can’t accept this.”

“Sure you can. I want you to have it.” Finn tied the leather band around Molly’s wrist. “There.” He turned her wrist to show the band from every angle. “Looks pretty good.”

“It does,” she said softly. “Thank you so much.”

“My pleasure.” Finn detailed how easy it was to make the wristband – some leather cord, a few knots, and a guitar pick. He made her laugh when he shared that he broke well over a hundred picks before he got it right.

Finn loved when Molly laughed; her whole body shook.

Molly lifted an impish brow. “How’d you get it right?”

“I finally wised up and took a dozen to the jewelry store. They drilled tiny holes on each end of the pick, big enough for me to fish the leather cord through.

“You’re a complex man, Finn. There’s so much to you that it would take a lifetime to discover.” Molly scrunched her face like she couldn’t believe she said such a thing. 

“Not true. I’m a simple man.” He laughed. “I just have a lot of hang-ups that make me seem complex.”

Molly touched his arm. “Tell me about the real Finn Riley, not the version that makes headlines. I’d like to get to know the guy who makes wristbands and writes songs.” 

Finn slanted Molly a deprecating smile. “I did tell you about the real Finn Riley. Heartless bastard, remember?”

Molly’s eyes sparkled. Damn it. They sparkled.
I hope you'll try one or more of Jan's books - they make a great weekend read!

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