Friday, September 21, 2012

Book Review: Whoever You Are by Donna Marie Lanheady

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A few months ago I read Donna Marie Lanheady's novel Where Secrets Lie. It was one of the first indie-author books that I'd read and I enjoyed it very much. Much to my delight, Ms. Lanheady contacted me about her new novel, Whoever You Are, and sent me a complimentary copy. I was happy to get a chance to read her latest novel. Here is a description of her novel and my 5 star review.

Book Description:

Are you defined by your family, your career, your accomplishments? What happens when something you think defines you changes?

Emily McGinn, a recurring character from Where Secrets Lie, believes she knows exactly who she is and where she belongs in the world, until she receives an inheritance from an unknown benefactor. Uncovering the source of the inheritance leads Emily to discover buried truths undermining what she thought was a straightforward life. As the truths alter Emily's perception of the people closest to her, her perception of herself shifts as well.

Set in the unique foothills community of Boulder, Colorado and its environs, Whoever You Are questions not only how we define ourselves, but also how we define family and whether we bear any responsibility for the actions of those who came before us.

My 5 Star Review:

When Emily McGinn is contacted about an inheritance from an unknown person, she starts to dig into the truth about the person leaving her money and her connection to her. Soon, secrets are uncovered that make her question who she really is and if her life has been a lie. The answers she finds just lead her to more questions as she begins a journey of discovering a past she had never known belonged to her.

Ms. Lanheady writes well thought-out stories with realistic, interesting characters. These are people you could live next door to. Whoever You Are is a unique story with some thought-provoking ideas that make you wonder, what would you do if you found out tomorrow you aren't who you think you are? A wonderful family drama novel that will keep you intrigued from the first page to the last.

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