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Book Review: Brief Interludes by Susan Griscom

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I have to begin this by saying that I am not usually drawn to reading short stories. I enjoy short stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald and by Stephen King, and that's about it. Yes, I know that is a weird combination. So, I was surprised to fine I thoroughly enjoyed author Susan Griscom's collection of very short stories in Brief Interludes. Also included in Brief Interludes are excerpts from Ms. Griscom's novel Whisper Cape and book two in the Whisper Cape series, her upcoming novel Reflections.

Here is a description of the stories in Brief Interludes and my five star review:


Brief Interludes
Susan Griscom

Book Description:

A collection of six short-shorts—perfect for those quick-read moments. Most with twist endings that are sure to surprise you.

Lover’s Leap
Young love and a life ended too soon. It’s always the ones left behind who suffer.

Everlasting Love
Unloved, undesired, brokenhearted ... Cole Murphy is about to end it all until the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen walks into his life. Cole’s dreams and hopes of love are renewed—but not quite the way he’s imagined.

The Water of Leith

Held captive for years, Naomi is given a promise of release if she can only turn an old brown rag into a beautiful white cloth. Can she do? Does she really believe?

Unbridled Love
Two hundred years ago, monstrous storms pummeled the earth destroying almost everything. Some humans survived, stronger, different, changed by the storms. A genetic disorder passed down from generation to generation, creating a new race. A race with … special gifts. Feared and forced into hiding, Solange and Roland must fight to survive when their talents are discovered.

Angela returns home from an exhausting business trip and wants nothing more than to relax. Her thoughts of relaxing turn to sheer panic as she walks in to find her entire house redecorated and she’d only been gone a week. Her husband Jack confesses how it all happened, but she has a difficult time believing it’s not all a joke when he tells her he didn’t win the lottery or inherit a huge amount of money from long lost relative. Jack manages to reassure her everything is okay. But is it?

Sweet Innocence
The headline plastered across the newspaper claimed they identified the body of a young woman. Jenna recognized the name instantly. Her friend Beth’s body had gone unidentified ever since its discovery in an alley near a 24-hour diner on a Saturday night in January of 1955. Today’s date was August 7, 2012.


My 5 Star Review:

Brief Interludes is a collection of six short stories that will entertain and delight you. Author Susan Griscom showcases her excellent writing ability in these stories to such an extreme that you will not want to put this book down. Even though the stories are very short, they are so brilliantly written that each one draws you in immediately and the endings are delightful surprises. Writing a short story is a unique talent that not all authors who write full-length novels can achieve, but Susan Griscom has definitely conquered it. You will be enthralled by each of these stories and will definitely want to read more by this talented author after reading Brief Interludes.


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Reflections by Susan Griscom (writing as Regan Walsh) will be released in November 2012

Learn more about Author Susan Griscom:




I hope you'll try this wonderful collection of short stories. They are sure to entertain you.



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