Thursday, November 8, 2012

Book Review: The Gift of Gray by Jan Romes

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I adore Jan Romes! She not only writes extremely entertaining novels but she is a sweet, gracious person as well – what a great combination! The Gift of Gray is the fourth novel of hers that I've read and I can't say enough good things about it. As we head into the holiday season, give yourself a gift and pick up this novel. It will lift your spirits and warm you heart. Here is more about this novel and my 5 star review.

The Gift of Gray
Jan Romes 

Book Description:

Alexis Kelly will do anything for her best friends - even work as a masseue at their weekend matchmaking ranch. Besides, she needs the cash and a distraction from the mistakes she made in the name of self-preservation.

Gray Patterson is a grouchy advertising executive with perfectionist tendencies. He's tired of going home to an empty apartment but has little time to date, so he shucks convention in search of a soul mate.

The second Alexis and Gray meet, their personalities collide, but there are also some amazing sparks. Over the course of the weekend, they dodge the convoluted attraction until it begs to be acknowledged. Their relationship takes a major hit when another client reveals Alexis's haunting baggage.

Will chemistry and a peek at love be enough to repair the damage?

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My 5 Star Review

Advertising executive Gray Patterson has little time in his busy life to find the woman of his dreams so he goes off to a weekend matchmaking ranch to let them find him the perfect woman. However, he isn't interested in the women who were picked for him, he has his eyes on one of the ranch's employees, Alexis Kelly. Alexis isn't looking for a man, she's too busy trying to earn money and forget about her failed marriage. When Gray makes it clear he's interested in her, she tries her hardest to resist him, but it sure isn't easy.

Author Jan Romes has done it again with this delightful Christmas romance The Gift of Gray. Fast-paced, witty, warm and spicy are just a few words that describe this entertaining novel. Jan knows how to pace a story to keep you turning pages and her use of dialogue is genius. If you love quick-witted, cute and warmhearted romance stories, you just can't go wrong with a Jan Romes' novel. Truthfully – I think this is my favorite of all her books so far!


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I hope you will try one or more of Jan's books - you won't be sorry!


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